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Everything you need to know about Target’s Black Friday deals

The mega retailer opens its doors to the most competitive shoppers at 6 p.m. on Thursday, November 22, and signs indicate that the retailer means business this year. Here's everything you need to know, both online and in... More>>

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Need a new tablet? Check out the best iPad deals for May 2018

In the wide world of tablets, Apple is still the king. If you're on team Apple and just can't live without iOS, we've curated an up-to-date list of all of the best iPad deals currently available for May 2018. More>>

Save up to $700 with the best smartphone deals for May 2018

This is the perfect time to score a new smartphone and save some cash. We've rounded up the best smartphone deals available right now -- carrier devices as well as unlocked phones -- that can save you as much as $700. More>>

What to expect for Best Buy’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Don't go into Black Friday without a plan. Check out what to expect rom Best Buy Black Friday deals to get you fully prepared. We’ll be updating this page, so make sure to visit regularly to avoid missing on the best Black... More>>

The best sleeping bags you can buy

A proper sleeping bag has the ability to make or break a camping or backpacking trip. Here are our picks for the best sleeping bags on the market to help you choose the correct bag for any type of outdoor adventure. More>>

What’s the Difference Between 401(a) and 403 (b) Plans?

If you work for a public school or some kind of non-profit organization, you may have access to a 401(a) or a 403(b) plan. Both are retirement savings vehicles that offer major tax breaks. However, they are structured a... More>>

Social Security Form CMS-L564

The process of applying for Medicare benefits is more complicated than it may initially seem. If you want to apply for a portion of Medicare insurance called Medicare Part B, you can only do so during certain parts of the... More>>

Top 17 enlightening quotes about money and personal finances

Get inspired by those who know a deeper side to money and how to make it and save it


How are 401(k) Assets Split in a Divorce?

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences you’ll ever experience. But it doesn’t have to ruin your financial future. There are certain steps you can take to protect your nest egg during... More>>

What’s the Difference Between a SEP IRA and a Roth IRA for the Self-Employed?

If you’re self-employed, you may be weighing the SEP IRA vs. Roth IRA decision. Both are tax-advantaged savings vehicles that provide particular benefits. But before we explore those and compare them, it’s necessary... More>>

Check out our list of the best iPhone deals for May 2018

Apple devices can get expensive, but if you just can't live without iOS, don't despair: We've curated an up-to-date list of all of the best iPhone deals available for April 2018. More>>

Are Banks Open on Black Friday?

Black Friday, which falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, is among the biggest shopping days of the year. While it’s all-hands-on-deck in many retail stores, many businesses outside the retail industry will be... More>>

Razer takes up to $500 off of its Blade gaming laptops for Black Friday

If you're a fan of Razer's understated aesthetics that earned the Blade comparisons with Apple's laptops, you can score some big savings on Black Friday, as Razer is offering up to $500 discounts off of its gaming notebooks. More>>

Not Safe (at) Work? America's 15 Most Dangerous Jobs

Data on fatalities in the workplace is meticulously gathered to ensure that federal, state, and local safety standards are upheld across the country. More>>

Social Security Form SSA-3288

  From time to time, you need to provide information or records about yourself to another party – for instance, a doctor or insurance company. When this happens, you’ll need to ensure that all the information is... More>>

E*TRADE Review

A big name in the investment and day-trading worlds, E*TRADE offers a wide variety of investments and platforms to trade them. Originally founded in 1982 as TradePlus, the company made its first online trade the following... More>>

What Is a Short Position?

You may have heard about short-selling, shorting or short position when listening to investment discussions, but maybe you weren’t quite sure of the meaning. Taking a short position is essentially the opposite of investing... More>>

What Is Price-Earnings Ratio?

Anyone who spends time thinking about investments has likely heard the phrase price-earnings ratio. Put simply, price-earnings ratio, or P/E ratio, is a figure that compares the price of a share of a company’s stock to the... More>>

Save hundreds with the best MacBook deals for May 2018

If you’re in the market for a new Apple laptop, let us make your work a little easier: We hunted down the best up-to-date MacBook deals available online right now from various retailers. More>>

Amazon Consumes a Larger Part of the Average Paycheck

In September, Amazon became a trillion-dollar company for the first time, reaching territory only previously explored by Apple. And though more turbulent stock market forces have toyed with large-cap company valuations in recent months, one thing is clear: Amazon is popular with a broad swath of the populace.


Can Student-Loan Assistance Stimulate a State's Economy?

Maine is looking to attract younger workers to stimulate the economy and fill open jobs by extending an important tax credit for graduates with student loans.


The best wireless mice of 2018

If you're looking for the best wireless mouse on the market, we've got the list for you!. These six models have something for everyone, whether you're a hardcore gamer or simply looking to ward off carpal tunnel. More>>

How to Build Wealth in Your 30s

Perhaps you lived your 20s without a care in the world. But once you reach your 30s, it’s time to start building wealth and getting serious about money. That can including everything from ramping up your retirement saving... More>>

Upgrade your sleep with these Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring plenty of opportunities to invest in a great mattress because top brands are competing to earn your business. The race to offer the lowest price possible means you end up with discounts... More>>

TIAA Bank vs. Ally: Which Online Bank is Right for You?

Choosing a bank to work with is a very important step in your financial life. But with so many options out there, finding the right one can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, you can’t go wrong when deciding between TIAA... More>>

Fidelity Review

Fidelity is a global financial services company headquartered in Boston. Founded in 1946, the firm has more than $2.50 trillion in assets under management. It offers a full suite of products and services, including... More>>

Don't let your kids' school release their personal data

Identity thieves love to steal children's identities, and you need to take the right steps to help prevent it


How to Become an Accredited Investor

In order to become an accredited investor, you must meet certain income or net worth requirements laid out by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). You must also demonstrate to investment firms that you can qualify... More>>

The Richest Counties in America

You may think you have a good sense of where in the country residents are making the most money. But the counties whose well-heeled, deep-pocketed denizens are pulling in the most coin may not include the fanciest zip... More>>

How Retirement Savings Behavior Is Changing by Income, Age and Race

Back in 1989, the average American could expect to live until 75. Roughly 27 years later, the average life expectancy in the U.S. has crept up to nearly 79 years. But while the increased life expectancy is certainly good... More>>

Are Credit Unions FDIC Insured?

Even though credit unions are not FDIC-insured, they still enjoy strong protection from the federal government. In fact, a different entity essentially does for credit unions what the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation... More>>

Axos Bank vs. Ally

These days, more and more people are managing their entire financial lives online. As a result, online banks are competing to offer the best products. Two that stand out today are Axos Bank and Ally Bank. Both are known... More>>

Save $900 on the ThinkPad X1 Carbon and more with Lenovo’s Cyber Monday sales

In the latest set of holiday sales, Lenovo is heavily discounting its fifth-generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon and other popular Windows laptops and 2-in-1s for the holiday shopping season. More>>

All the best deals on Surface products for Black Friday

A number of retailers are discounting Surface devices for Black Friday. Be it the Surface Pro 2017, Surface Pro 6, or the Surface Go, here's a look at how (and where) you can save big on Surface this holiday season. More>>

The best ergonomic mouse

If you have a growing ache in your wrist, it might be worth considering changing up your mouse for something ergonomic. But which is the best ergonomic mouse for you? One of these could be the ticket to the right purchase... More>>

Here are the 10 best laptop deals for October 2018

Whether you've started a new school year, are shopping for a student, or you just need a new computer, we've got you covered: These are the 10 best laptop deals going right now, from discounted MacBooks to on-the-go gaming... More>>

Best Places to Retire in the U.S.

The best places to retire in the U.S. are scattered across the country from coast to coast, and though they vary in climate and geography, they all tend to excel in particular areas. Cities with low tax burdens, easy... More>>

What Is a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust?

Passing money down from generation to generation inevitably involves taxes. There’s the gift tax and the federal estate tax. Many states also charge an estate tax. However, there is a way to gift larger sums of money... More>>

IRS Form SS-4: Applying for an Employer Identification Number

If you run your own business, you need a way to identify it to the government when it comes time to do your taxes. The same is also true if you’re the executor of an estate, the creator of a … Continue reading... More>>

Only 1 out of 7 monitors their Social Security number online

Do you monitor your Social Security number for any signs of fraudulent use? A new survey suggests you think that you should, but you probably don't.


Form SF-1199a: Setting Up Direct Deposit

Since electronic funds transfers (EFTs) have become commonplace, direct deposit has overtaken the mailing of paper checks as the most popular way to receive recurring payments.  Before you can get direct deposit payments,... More>>

Best 529 Plans

With student loan debt reach record levels, American families are seeking more ways to help their children save for higher education. One solid option is investing in a 529 college savings plan. Each state, except Wyoming,... More>>

How Do Employee Stock Options Work?

The practice of granting stock options to employees is growing in popularity as a way for employers to attract and retain talent. And depending on the company, it could pay off big for the employees. Because options give... More>>

How to Send Money to Someone Without a Bank Account

If you’re trying to send money to someone, you may consider just transferring funds to the person’s bank account. But many people don’t have bank accounts. In fact, a recent FDIC survey revealed more than 9 million... More>>

529 Plan vs. Roth IRA

Higher education is pricier than ever, and tuition hikes don’t show any sign of slowing down. But 529 college savings plans and Roth IRAs both include benefits to help you save for your children’s education.... More>>

How to Calculate Dividend Yield

If you invest in stocks, there is a decent chance that you will receive some sort of dividend, which is a payment to shareholders that is awarded in correlation with how the stock is performing on the market. To see... More>>

What Is the Future Value of an Annuity?

An annuity is good way to supplement your retirement savings to ensure your golden years are as smooth as possible. By locking in a fixed monthly income in exchange for an upfront payment, you can make sure that you’ll be... More>>

Best Google Pixel 3 XL screen protectors

It's tough to find good screen protectors, but the 6.3-inch OLED screen in the Google Pixel 3 XL definitely demands to be protected from scratches and impact damage. We've picked out the best options and included insight... More>>

Social Security Form SSA-827

Applying for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) is a multi-step process. One of the most crucial steps is when the SSA and a partner agency called Disability Determination Services (DDS)... More>>

Retirement Communities in Tennessee

The best retirement communities in Tennessee offer a range of amenities to backdrops like breathtaking mountains. You can also reside in luxurious homes with most maintenance costs covered by homeowners association (HOA)... More>>

These headlights have 4 color settings to help save lives under all conditions

Boslla headlights are an easy-to-install solution to achieve all-weather lighting for your vehicle. After a quick ten-minute install, these lights have up to four settings to get you through anything. More>>

3 types of fraud alerts

You probably know that you can place a fraud alert on your credit reports – but did you know there are three different types of fraud alerts that you can apply?


Best Buy is offering the Google Pixelbook for just $699 on Black Friday

Best Buy's steep $300 price cut on the Pixelbook this holiday represents one of the best prices we've seen on Google's premium Chrome OS hardware. The Pixelbook will be priced at just $699. More>>

The Best Places to Work in Manufacturing – 2018 Edition

Manufacturing used to be one of the largest industries in America. In 1910, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that nearly one-third of workers worked in manufacturing. Today, that number has shrunk to 8.7%. Many... More>>

Best Places To Retire in the South

When you retire, you’ll probably want nothing more than to sit in the sun, sipping lemonade and watching time pass from the comfort of your porch. There is no better place to do that than the South. Where in Dixie, …... More>>

How Much Is FDIC Insurance?

If you’ve ever listened to the radio or watched television, chances are you’ve heard a commercial for a bank where a voice at the end says something about being FDIC-insured. If you’ve never stopped to look it up, FDIC... More>>

What Is the Average Interest Rate for Savings Accounts?

When shopping around for the right savings account, it’s important to know what you want from an account. It’s also important to know how your options stack up against the competition. Are you currently earning below the... More>>

The Average Salary in California

If you’re considering a move to California, you might be wondering how much you can expect to earn and what the average salary in California is. A lot of factors go into determining how much money you’ll make... More>>

Social Security Form SS-5

Your Social Security number is an essential piece of information, used for everything from getting Social Security benefits to opening a bank account. You’ll find your number on your Social Security card, which can... More>>

TD Ameritrade Review

TD Ameritrade is a full-service brokerage firm that is a fixture in the investment sphere. It was first established back in 1975. As a matter of fact, as recently as 2018, Kiplinger named TD Ameritrade the No. 1 overall... More>>

What Is a Parent PLUS Loan?

Paying for college is a challenge, and rising tuition costs certainly don’t help. According to College Board, the average cost of a four-year private college has increased by more than $3,000 over the last five years.... More>>

Best Cities to Live on a $55,000 Salary – 2018 Edition

The average American family earns about $55,000 per year, according to Census Bureau estimates. Of course, that’s probably not enough to get by on in America’s most expensive cities, but there are plenty of places... More>>

Wells Fargo vs. Capital One

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing a bank, including interest rates, fees, customer service and accessibility (both online and in-person). It can be a lot to wrap your head around, so it can help to... More>>

Retirement Communities in Maryland

The best retirement communities in Maryland provide their residents with several options to stay active while also enjoying a laid-back lifestyle. Large clubhouses feature state-of-the-art gyms, spas and plenty of meeting... More>>

Social Security Form SSA-89

Providing your Social Security Number (SSN) is a unique, secure method of identifying yourself. However, even this method is susceptible to fraud, especially if your SSN falls into the wrong hands. In situations where you... More>>

The LG V30+ gets a huge price cut on Amazon, today only

Though Amazon early Black Friday deals began at the start of November, the discounts are only just now starting to get good. Today only, Amazon is offering a whopping 40 percent off the unlocked LG V30+. More>>

Best Books on Real Estate Investing

If you’re interested in investing in real estate, you should start by doing as much research as possible. This first and foremost means studying the market, figuring out how you want to invest and learning as much as you... More>>

Retirement Communities in Florida

Retirement communities in Florida have plenty to offer. From luxury homes to state-of-the-art fitness centers and amenities, you can spend your golden years in style while staying in the Sunshine State. Read on to learn... More>>

Asset Allocation by Age

One of the most crucial investment decisions anyone makes is how he or she goes about setting up their asset allocation. This is the process by which you break down your investment portfolio based on stocks, bonds and... More>>

Keep on clicking with the 10 best browsers for Android

Browsing the web on an Android device should not be a pain. Check out our picks for the best browsers for Android, so you can surf the web with greater ease and access a trove of unique features. More>>

Surprise! Debit cards have fees

You didn't know? You're not alone


Google Pixel 3 XL vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. OnePlus 6T vs. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The good news is that there are some great options in the Android smartphone market right now. The bad news is that too much choice makes it tough to decide. We compare the Pixel 3 XL, the Galaxy Note 9, the OnePlus 6T,... More>>

Taxes on Selling a House

Selling a home is a major life change. Maybe you’re moving into a bigger house after outgrowing your starter home, or you’re downsizing as your kids go off to college. Or, perhaps, you’re buying a house in a... More>>

Best Places to Retire on the East Coast

Retirement is the time in your life when you can finally forget the stress of work and just relax. You may find yourself wondering, though, where exactly you want to spend your golden years. If you know you want to …... More>>

Get in on Best Buy’s Black Friday sale on the non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro right now

If you don't need Apple's controversial Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro, Best Buy is offering a Black Friday sale on the non-Touch Bar models. The sale is happening right now and subtracts as much as $200 off of Apple's... More>>

Retirement Communities in Delaware

When you reach a certain age, you might want to find a place to live where you can relax and engage with other people who have lived a life as full as yours. Retirement communities can be perfect for this. … Continue... More>>

Protecting Your Tools (and Finances) as a Freelancer

Freelancing, in all of its many shapes and forms, always attracts the same types of people: free spirits, hard workers, and those dedicated to making work happen in their own way, and on their own schedules. However, any freelancer who’s been at it long enough quickly realizes that you give up a lot of security for the sake of work freedom. 


Retirement Communities in Texas

If spending your retirement surrounded by other active adults in a community with plenty of options for fun sounds ideal, you may want to consider a retirement community. There are numerous retirement communities in Texas.... More>>

Merrill Edge Review

Merrill Edge is a brokerage firm that offers everything from self-sufficient investing to financial advisor consultations to robo-advisor services. Merrill Edge falls under the umbrella of the Merrill Lynch group of... More>>

Robinhood Review

Robinhood is a brokerage firm whose services are centered around its mobile and online trading platforms. In fact, the firm’s mobile app won a design award from Apple in 2015, and it holds an average rating of 4.75 stars... More>>

Retirement Communities in Colorado

Do you want to live in the crisp Rocky Mountain West in retirement, but you don’t want to deal with shoveling snow in the winter? A retirement community in Colorado may be the perfect place for you to hang your …... More>>

Retirement Communities in Pennsylvania

Retirement can be a grand part of your life. This is especially true if you surround yourself with other folks whose working days are behind them and who want to wile away the days with some cards and maybe a …... More>>

Save $210 on this Arlo Pro indoor and outdoor security system

If you are looking for a do-it-yourself security system for your home, the products made by Arlo Pro are among our recommended favorites. Walmart is currently selling the first-generation Arlo Pro security camera system by... More>>

The best Huawei Mate 20 Lite cases to keep your budget phone intact

If you're looking for a budget phone, the Mate 20 Lite is among the best. But having to import is a pain, and you'll want to protect it. Keep it rocking with one of the best Huawei Mate 20 Lite cases. More>>

You can get the Instant Pot for under $60 on Black Friday

This Black Friday you can save big on pricey home appliances such as the popular Instant Pot. Ultimately buying an Instant Pot comes down to your preference but you can compare the sizes and prices below to see which... More>>

Here are the best iPad Pro keyboard cases to pick up with your new tablet

The iPad Pro range can double as laptops, but they do need proper keyboards to fill in effectively. Thankfully, there are loads to choose from and we've rounded up the best iPad Pro keyboard cases right here. More>>

The best cars for Uber drivers

Uber is a viable means for making money on the side, but you won't earn much if all of your profits are going direct toward fuel and maintenance. Thankfully, these five cars are a perfect fit for those looking to shuttle... More>>

Knowing your credit score leads to higher credit scores!

According to a new study, knowledge of your credit score does give you the power to manage credit responsibly


Retirement Communities Arizona

The best retirement communities in Arizona have a lot to offer. Given that the state has everything from golf courses and resort-style pools to vast hiking trails surrounded by beautiful mountain tops, it’s hard to... More>>

What to expect for Macy’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

The most popular shopping holiday is coming soon. During November we will be hunting down Macy's best holiday deals leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make sure to come back every week to catch the best savings... More>>

Save up to $328 with Costco’s Surface Pro 6 Black Friday bundle for early birds

If you're in the market for a Surface Pro 6, you should head to Costco this holiday season. While Costco's Surface Pro 6 bundles are already a fantastic value, the wholesaler is taking another $200 off for its Black Friday... More>>

What Is a Bank Holiday?

  Most banks are open for business Monday through Saturday. But occasionally you might show up at your bank on a weekday and find that the bank has been closed all day. Because most banks follow a federal holiday... More>>

How to Invest in Real Estate?

Any investor can benefit from the value of a diversified portfolio. But some don’t venture into the world of real estate investing, because they don’t know where to start. With intimidating acronyms like REITs and... More>>

What Is a Bank Transit Number?

A bank transit number, also known as a routing number, helps financial institutions identify where checks and other documents were issued from. They’ve been around for over 100 years, and they help to keep track of and... More>>

Ally Bank vs. Chase

When it comes to choosing a bank, there are plenty of factors that you should consider, from interest rates to online banking offerings to the availability of physical locations. And the differences between banks are... More>>

1 Online technique that can help you land a job interview faster

Here's a way to get around the online application process


The top 10 budget-friendly GoPro alternatives that won’t leave you broke

Warm weather is here to stay, and a good action cam is the perfect way to record all of your outdoor adventures. Check out these GoPro alternatives, including some 4K-capable cameras, that won’t leave you broke More>>

Best Buy offers 40 percent off on select top appliances for Black Friday

Now until the 29th, Best Buy is dropping prices on major home appliances and offering $50 Best Buy gift cards with your purchase. We've selected some top deals to choose from so you can take advantage of the best Black... More>>

Are flat pillows a pain in your neck? Here are the best pillows for side-sleepers

If you've tried doubling up on pillows or buying larger ones to no avail, then it might just be time for a new pillow – one made for sleeping on your side. We've rounded up the best pillows for side sleepers that give neck... More>>

The best iPhone XS Max cases and covers

The iPhone XS Max might be the best large phone that Apple's ever released. But a bigger OLED display and body means there's more glass to crack. Keep your massive phone safe with the best Apple iPhone XS Max cases. More>>

Make delicious smoothies with this Ninja blender bundle, now only $70

A countertop blender is great for all sorts of concoctions, but a quality blender can be expensive. Whipping up drinks should be quick and precise, but not break your wallet. You can grab the Ninja Professional blender... More>>

Amazon one-day sale cuts up to 50 percent off Logitech mice, other accessories

Amazon might already be running early Black Friday sales, but today only, you can also save on some of the most popular Logitech mice, keyboards, speakers, and many other gadgets that pair up nicely with your PC. More>>

Walmart discounts Oral-B electric toothbrushes before Black Friday

There are a lot of really expensive toothbrushes out there, but if you're looking for something affordable, this these Oral-B electric toothbrushes are perfect for you. They oscillate, rotate, and pulsate to help remove... More>>

HP Black Friday sales include $300 savings on Spectre laptops, more

The holiday shopping season is heating up and HP's day after Thanksgiving sales have appeared, revealing up to $300 savings on Spectre Laptops, gaming desktops, accessories, and more. More>>

Can This Startup Shift the Landscape of Business Credit Cards?

If large credit card issuers weren't already aware of a startup named Brex operating in their space, they are now. According to reports, the company has sealed a $125 million funding round, which means Brex is valued at a little over $1 billion.


Wish you could fly? Here are the best drones on the market right now

To help you navigate the increasingly large and ever-changing landscape of consumer UAVs, here's a no-nonsense rundown of the best drones you can buy right now More>>

Discover Bank vs. Ally Bank

If you’re looking for the highest savings interest rates the industry can offer, you’ll want to turn to an online bank. Without the maintenance costs of physical branches, online banks can offer the most competitive... More>>

Don't let a refi hurt your credit score

Do you have a loan payment that is squeezing your monthly budget a bit tighter than you'd planned?


The best laptops

The best laptop should be one that checks all the boxes: Great battery life, beautiful design, and top-notch performance. The laptops we've chosen for our best laptops you can buy do all that — and throw in some extra... More>>

Where Rent Is Becoming More Affordable for Workers

Renters in America face an uphill battle to create space in their budgets for saving. In fact, the latest Census Bureau data reveals that nearly 10 million renting households spent at least 50% of their income on rent in... More>>

The best gaming laptops

Gaming desktops are powerful, but they tie you down to your desk. For those of us who prefer a more mobile experience, here are the best gaming laptops on the market, ranging from budget machines to maxed-out,... More>>

Goldman Sachs vs. Ally Bank

If you’ve decided you have no need for physical bank branches, an online bank could be just the thing. With many online banks offering significantly higher interest rates than their bricks-and-mortar counterparts, many... More>>

Wish you could retire early? This fast-growing millenial movement shows you how

You might rethink what it means to be retired when you read how it's being redefined.


Get the Apple Watch Series 3 and an extra strap, save $69

Looking to pick up a brand new Apple Watch before Black Friday? For a limited time, you can get the Apple Watch Series 3 and an extra strap for $20 less than the retail price of the watch itself. More>>

Cities Where Veterans Are Thriving Professionally

Veterans are an important part of American society in light of their many sacrifices for our safety. They also make up a significant portion of our population: 7.3% of the 251 million Americans 18 and older are vets. But... More>>

The best Chromebooks

We've compiled a list of the best Chromebooks -- laptops that combine great battery life, comfortable keyboards, and the performance it takes to run Google's lightweight Chrome OS. From Samsung to Acer, these are the... More>>

What Is a Bank Branch?

A bank branch is a physical location of a banking corporation, such as Chase, Bank of America or Wells Fargo. These buildings are technically referred to as “brick-and-mortar” branches, and they provide... More>>

7 Charges not to put on credit cards

It's smart to get the most out of your credit cards, but do so within a budget and with one thought in mind "Is a credit card the best way to pay for this item?"


What Are 12b-1 Fees?

12b-1 fees are annual distribution fees related to mutual funds. They are an operational expense, and they’re usually a part of a fund’s expense ratio. In this guide, you’ll find not only an in-depth... More>>

The best keyboards for Android

We did the research to find the best keyboard apps for Android that work efficiently, look good, and have a history of user security. Here are our favorites, so you can feel confident trusting them with all of your typing. More>>

Everything you need to know about Apple Black Friday deals

Whether you're hopping online to do your Black Friday shopping or you're going to head to the stores in person, you'll have to be vigilant to find the best Apple discounts this year. We're here to help: Read on for... More>>

Apple iPhone XR vs. OnePlus 6T: Spec comparison

The iPhone XR and OnePlus 6T are both powerful flagships that don't cost a ton, and both released in October. But which is better? Which deserves your hard earned money? We took a look to find out. More>>

Dells takes up to $450 off of XPS and Alienware notebooks for Black Friday

Dell just dropped its Black Friday ad this year, and shoppers can find some substantial savings on laptops, desktops, and other technology items. Some of the biggest deals include up to $450 off of XPS and Alienware... More>>

The Apple iPad Mini 4 is now on sale at a $125 discount on Walmart

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are on the horizon, expect to see some great online discounts on electronics. One of the biggest retailers, Walmart, has restocked the Apple iPad Mini 4 and is selling it for a... More>>

This new smart speaker lets you take Alexa into the shower

They say some of your greatest ideas or thoughts come to you in the shower. Now, you can stay connected easily while you're there. Tell Alexa to set reminders, save an idea, play music, and more; all while staying in your... More>>

How to Invest in Retirement

A big part of your financial health relies on saving enough for retirement, from maximizing your 401(k) contributions to growing your other investment portfolios. But what happens to your investments once you reach... More>>

The best OnePlus 6T cases to keep the flagship killer slaying

The OnePlus 6T is a solid choice if you want a great flagship. But your powerful new phone can be put out of commission with a single drop. Here are the best OnePlus 6T cases to keep your phone safe. More>>

9 Alternatives to a reverse mortgage

Consider these alternatives to a reverse mortgage before you commit


Retirement Communities in South Carolina

The best retirement communities in South Carolina are definitely a sight to see. From pristine beaches and palm trees to miles of hiking trails, South Carolina offers several opportunities to relax and stay active as you... More>>

Retirement Communities in North Carolina

The best retirement communities in North Carolina offer plenty of amenities and the backdrop of rolling hills, mountains and pristine waterways. And you can make new friends at large clubhouses and country clubs. So you... More>>

Helping Your Family to Best Use Life Insurance Money After You're Gone

Life insurance is a staple of financial planning conversations, and despite decreases in purchase rates, 59% of Americans own this important product, according to LIMRA's annual survey. The reasons people purchase coverage are incredibly varied, and many people have multiple financial intents that influence their decision, but some of the most common are related to replacing income, leaving an inheritance and paying for key expenses, such as a mortgage.


Figuring out How Much Car You Can Afford (and the Cost of Overestimating)

Easy transportation continues to be a necessity for most of us. About 9% of U.S. households have no vehicle at all, although some adults choose to forgo a car and use public transportation. But if you're in the market to purchase a car, you'll need to figure out how much you can afford.


Millions of Borrowers Could Get a Boost from New FICO Score

Three major credit rating agencies are set to give high-risk borrowers a new boost as Experian, FICO and Finicity jointly announced a new system of credit rating on Monday, Oct. 22. The new system, known as UltraFICO, would include—with consumer permission—checking, savings and money market account data.


How to Book Airfare Like a Travel Hacker

These days, it seems there are more travel bloggers than ever before. A quick scroll through any social media site will likely reveal a slew of different travel bloggers—each with a picture taken in a more obscure spot than the last. But have you ever wondered just how these bloggers go about purchasing their airline tickets and getting to their destinations? Surely, they have to be using different methods given the different mileage you get when you search for your own trips.


Newly Licensed Teen Drivers are Eight Times More Likely to Have a Potential Collision

Parents do their best to protect their kids and keep them safe through every stage in life—but when it comes to driving, it gets more complicated. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), teens are eight times more likely to be involved in a crash or near collision in the first three months of becoming licensed than during the previous three months, when they drove under supervision with a learner's permit.  How can parents protect their kids behind the wheel.


Wealth Manager vs. Financial Advisor

Sometimes when it comes to your finances, going it alone can be intimidating as you try to come up with a game plan. But you want to make sure you’re consulting the right expert for your needs. How does a financial... More>>

Everything you need to know about Amazon Black Friday deals

Even though Amazon is an online-only retailer, that doesn’t mean its Black Friday sales are anything to sniff at. In fact, due to its online status, Amazon has huge flexibility when it comes to the range of products and... More>>

Everything you need to know about laptop displays

From contrast and color gamut to refresh rate and screen resolution, here’s our guide to the terms you need to understand when considering a laptop display, along with what to look for in each one. More>>

Brutal truths about getting rich that few people are willing to admit

To paraphrase Warren Bufffett, the best way to build wealth is to keep things simple


How the 2018 Apple iPad Pro 12.9 stacks up against its 2017 and 2015 versions

Apple has redesigned its biggest tablet bringing more processing power and pixels to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. There's also FaceID, a new Apple Pencil, and more, but how does it measure up to previous incarnations? We... More>>

Buy a new open-box unlocked iPhone 7 and save more than $100

Why pay extra for a sealed box you're going to immediately open anyway? You can now score an open box iPhone 7 for just $320, in brand-new condition with accessories. This saves you around $130 off of the street price of a... More>>

Here are the best web hosting providers for small businesses

Small business owners should be looking for affordable web hosting providers that can offer features they need that are unique to their circumstances. Here's our look at the best web hosting providers for different needs. More>>

The best Android phones of 2018

We gathered together the best Android phones right here to help you find your ideal device. We have got the top picks at different prices, with some suggested alternatives worth considering. More>>

Leaked Costco Black Friday ad reveals crazy savings on the Dell XPS 13, more

Upcoming Black Friday deals at Costco include $500 off the Dell XPS 13. Other sales also extend to various electronics, including HP Chromebooks, Apple iPads, and other Windows laptops, More>>

How to Create an Advance Directive in North Carolina

An advance directive can be an important aspect of your estate planning strategy and emergency preparations. Having one can assure you that you’ll receive the medical treatment you want if you lose the ability to... More>>

How to Create an Advance Directive in Oregon

When it comes to estate planning and making preparations for the end of your life, you may benefit a great deal from creating an advance directive. If you live in Oregon and you’re considering creating an advance directive... More>>

How to Create an Advance Directive in Arizona

An advance directive is an important document to consider when making plans for your estate and the medical unknown. If you live in Arizona and you’re wondering if an advance directive is something you should draft up,... More>>

How to Invest in Commodities

The investment world is full of an overwhelming number of options, including equities, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and more. Commodities may seem like just another one of the bunch, but these products offer a... More>>

From mattress to pillows: Create the perfect bed set through Amazon

Amazon has everything you need to create the perfect bedding bundle for your room. To help make it even easier, we've chosen our favorite items from the hundreds of duvets, sheet sets, and pillows available. More>>

5 ways you could be over-insuring your car

It is prudent to have insurance, but it is also smart to have the right amount of insurance for your needs


Top benefits of credit cards

The biggest benefit of having a credit card may also be a big drawback


Credit checks and jobs

Finding a job can be a stressful and difficult task – and if you have poor credit, you may have an even harder time finding a job


How medical debt affects your credit

According to 2017 data from the credit bureau Experian, unpaid medical debt in America topped $127 billion\


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