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Youngstown records another earthquake

YOUNGSTOWN, OHio - It's happened again.

The U.S. Geological Survey says Christmas Eve began with a rumble for part of northeast Ohio as Youngstown experienced yet another earthquake.  The quake was again centered not far from a brine injection well.

The epicenter of the 2.4 magnitude quake was on Dearborn Avenue, a little over a mile from the injection well on Ohio Works Drive.

 It occurred around 1:25 a.m.

Kelly Clark says she and her neighbors on Dearborn are used to their homes being shaken, but it's because of a nearby metal shredder and car crusher on Route 422.

"Just the gas tanks with cars that they crush explode sometimes.  It shakes the houses,  makes a big boom and all of us come outside looking around," Clark said.

Clark says it happened again Friday, but not around the time of the quake.  "It shook the walls, knocked one of my carrousels off my mirror."

On Maryland Avenue, Michelle Walker did feel the quake.  "The house moved and it sounded like something went boom upstairs,? Walker said. "I let it go, then about 1:15 or 1:20 a bigger boom and the house really shook."

It's the ninth quake this year to be centered in Mahoning County.

The state has installed monitoring instruments to try and determine whether the quakes are resulting from the deep injection of brine water that's a by-product of oil and gas drilling.

The issue has generated protests by residents who feel the government should be doing more to protect residents and the environment.

Representative Bob Hagan says the nine earthquakes in the last year should be enough to give the state pause and look for answers.

"The earth is shaking and we have a responsibility to find out why.  Is it because of the injection wells, is it because of natural causes?  As far as I'm concerned, as an elected official, a government official, it's our job to find out exactly why and protect the people," Hagan said. 

Hagan says he has sent two letters to house leaders calling for immediate bi-partisan hearings on a possible moratorium until further studies can be complete.

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