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Vision therapy is providing a 10 year-old Poland boy with a new outlook on life


"Really, I like to ride my bike a lot at home," said Reed Davis of Poland.

They're words most parents are use to hearing.  However, they didn't come out of 10 year-old Reed Davis's mouth until a couple of months ago.

"We never, ever thought of it as an issue to be honest with you. We just assumed it was him, That was the type of child he was, maybe he wasn't athletic or he wasn't able to do those types of things. We never thought of it as a problem," said Reed's mother, Paula Davis.

That was until Dr. Joseph Pederzolli owner of EyeCare and Vision Therapy in North Lima stopped by Paula's workplace to drop off information about his practice.

"What I do in therapy is that I will integrate the visual system with the vestibular system or the balance system because often times you will see a child who cannot perform well in school, in the classroom, who is always a child who cannot keep their balance well," said Dr. Joseph Pederzolli, owner of EyeCare and Vision Therapy.

And in Reed's case ride a bike well, interact with other children and comprehend what he's reading.  The Davis's were sold. They signed Reed up for 24 weeks of therapy.

"We watched him through the window and he did all of these different games with him like bouncing the ball off the wall and drawing circles on the chalk board and the shapes and everything and I am like, 'What is this going to accomplish," said Paula Davis.

It didn't take long for them to learn the answer.

"Week six he was riding his bike like a normal kid standing up and going down the road and I was starting at him as he went by going, 'Who are you,'" Paula DavisSon Completed Vision Therapy]

Reed hasn't looked back since.

"It is exciting for me for him to be able to still have, to have those opportunities where before I don't think he would have tried him even if we pushed him as far as we thought we could push him," said Reed's dad, Rich Davis.

The Davis's say Reed has always done well in math and science. However, reading comprehension has always been an issue. Although, after completing about 2 months of therapy Reed went from testing into Title reading to scoring above average on the standardized test.

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