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25% of American couples sleep separately


People often don't talk about what happens in the bedroom.  However, a new study provides some insight as to what goes on behind closed doors.  While the notion of sharing a bed has long been associated with intimacy between couples, it's often not the reality.

"Of course, you know, we love to believe the ideal that we can peacefully sleep together and what not and some couples can and some can't. You have the snoring issue. You have certain health issues that prevent it," said Dr. Jamie Marich with PsyCare in Liberty.

Which may be why 25% of couples living in the United States sleep separately. According to a recent survey, couples fight as many as 167 times a year over things like hogging the covers and snoring.

"If it is not causing any problems in the marriage, I don't see a problem with it because with any of theses weird trends or weird things.  We tend to get asked what do you really think about it and it really is a couple by couple thing. If it works for them especially to promote that sense of healthy boundary building then I don't think we should be judging it."

According to the National Association of Home Builders, roughly 60% of custom-built homes will include dual master bedrooms by 2015.

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