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The 80/20 rule could help you stay on track during the holiday


As host of YouTube's Woman vs. Workout, Lauren Berlingeri is no stranger to going the extra mile.  While most of us wouldn't dare complete the physical challenges she's put herself through, she says there are many fairly easy things she does that we can try that could help us during the holidays.

"I believe in something called the 80/20 rule and 80% of the time I am really healthy and I eat really good and I make all the healthy decisions that I possibly can, but the other 20% I do enjoy myself," said Lauren Berlingeri.

Berlingeri says the key to getting through the holidays, without the weight gain, is finding that balance.  Of course, that can be hard.  If you're stuck in an airport or in the car on your way to celebrate the holiday, there often are few healthy food options to choose from.  Berlingeri's recommendation?  Pack healthy food and take it with you.

"If you pack some fresh fruit and vegetables or some clean protein bars or I am a big advocate of green juices.  I travel with them everywhere, then you don't have that reason to go and indulge in these fast food place that you don't want to eat at anyways, but you have no choice," said Berlingeri

Berlingeri says if you do get side tracked from your healthy habits, get back on track as soon as you can.  Sometimes it's easier to do that when you surround yourself with like-minded people.

"I find the best way to recover is just to get right back to it.  The longer you put off, the longer it is going to take.  Just one more day, just another day. There are always millions of excuses and if you let yourself give those excuses over and over you may set yourself up for failure," said Berlingeri.

The green juices Berlingeri mentioned consist of a combination of leafy greens, vegetables and fruits.  Research has shown that the nourishment from those juices become available to the cells hours before the nutrients from solid foods.

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