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A doctor's visit isn't always necessary for those people battling the flu


The majority of people don't like being sick.  Let's face it...body aches, high fevers and dry coughs aren't the most pleasant symptoms to deal with.  However, if you come down with the flu you might just be forced to put up with them.

"It has been so long, that we have had a bad flu outbreak people forget what it is like and they forget how bad they are going to feel and they forget all of the symptoms and that you just have to rest and everyone just wants better like today and it is a five to seven day course in healthy people," said Dr. Dinah Fedyna with Humility of Mary Health Partners.

Dr. Fedyna, like many physicians across the country, has been swamped with patients, which is a reflection of the flu activity being reported to local health departments. Although, the numbers being reported are only lab-confirmed cases and health experts say they don't paint an entirely clear picture of the outbreak because many people just suffer through the symptoms without a formal diagnosis.

"It is important to get the testing if somebody has a lot of chronic health problems and a true diagnosis is critical because that could complicate their diabetes or their asthma or emphysema and you really have to know so you can predict the course for them," said Dr. Fedyna.

However, she say if you are relatively healthy and come down with a fever and aches a simple call to your physician would be sufficient.  They can tell you if a trip to the office or the ER is necessary.  However, Dr. Fedyna says if your symptoms don't get better and you develop chest pains or can't get out of bed easily it is best to schedule an appointment.

There are medications doctors can prescribe to people with the flu.  However, Dr. Fedyna says in order for them to work you have to spot the flu early.

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