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Comic book comeback

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WARREN, Ohio- Even during this age of technology, there appears to be resurgence in comic book interest. One local comic book business had its best sales ever last year.

A piece of Americana is making a comeback in Warren.

"So between 2011 to 2012 we were up close to 50% better than any year we ever had (at the Warren store)," said Greg Bartholomew, owner of All American Cards and Comics.

The boom in business at All American Cards and Comics is partly being attributed to some of the classics becoming blockbuster hits on the big screen.

Josh Nativio, manager at the Warren location, said, "In the past few years we've been getting more of a mainstream crowd. It's not so much men between the ages of 30 and 60 trying to relive their childhoods; it's actually people in their childhoods and just out of their childhoods, girls, boys, men, females."

Plus the number one cable TV show last week, "The Walking Dead," is based on a comic book series and the top network TV show has characters that are really into these illustrated stories.

"'The Big Bang Theory" is popular so I don't know how much it directly helps business, but some of the scenes are set in the comic book store," said Bartholomew.

Comic creator Chris Yambar, whose work includes Bart Simpson and Sponge Bob Square Pants, said the industry has had a facelift.

"It finally figured out what the existing comic book reader wants," Yambar said.

He feels the books are a little bit more accessible now with new stores opening and that reading comics can be a stress reliever.

"That and escapism and a lot of it's shopping. People like to shop even if they don't have money and this is a low enough price point where for $3,$4 bucks you could look at something and if it makes you laugh, my God that's a gift to the world if you can make somebody laugh."

Yambar says there has also been an improvement to this American art form with better printing and paper for a good price.

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