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Changes to the 2013 WFMJ Today Wedding

We have made some changes to the 2013 WFMJ Today Wedding!

Our friends at Something New Floral & Events have created three distinct themes for you to vote on this year. The three themes are Enchanted, Heirloom and Vanity Fair. Each theme can be found on our WFMJ Today Wedding Pinterest page. Click the link to the right to see elements in each theme.

Each week you will be voting for a particular element for the WFMJ Today Wedding. Those include dress, tuxedo, wedding bands, floral, reception menu and cake. Each element will have a design that fits one of our three themes. You will continue to vote as you have in the past from one of three options.

The change this year is that we will take the collective totals from all elements in each theme and add them together. Whatever theme has the highest score from the individual voting elements will be our winning theme. What this means is that the winning element may be part of a losing theme. If you like one particular theme, you should cast your vote for all of the elements in that theme. The thing to remember is that you are voting for a theme and not necessarily individual elements.

Because the wedding is being designed around a theme, we will not be announcing the winning dress, the winning tux, the winning floral theme etc. Instead, you and our wedding couple will find out on wedding day, May 17th, what the winning theme is!

Why the change? Most weddings are designed around a theme instead of just individual random elements. Something New Floral & Events has brought us three amazing themes with a multitude of examples to show you all the possibilities in designing a theme wedding.

In addition, the Pinterest boards will give you a wide variety of examples and ideas of other elements that fit each of the three themes. Not everything on the Pinterest boards will necessarily be incorporated into the WFMJ Today Wedding. The items that will be included will be clearly marked.

We hope you enjoy this new twist to the WFMJ Today Wedding. We think it will build excitement towards wedding day, plus it will give you ideas and inspiration if you are planning your own wedding!

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