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Linens & More, "Chic to Unique...What a Bride Wants"

A bride wants a stylish home that shows she is successful, tasteful and that she is confident about the stage of success she has attained. She is health-conscious, entertains, wants to be "greener," loves comfort and wants a fabulous home! She loves wowing her friends and family with one-of-a-kind affordable furniture pieces that shout confidence and style.

She is intimidated about decorating a whole home. But when she sees the vignettes at Linens & More, she is likely to buy the entire display, taking the stress out of decorating. Now knowing she can make over a whole room in just a few minutes, she is satisfying her addiction to owning the latest trends with her own personal touch and her desire to surround herself with luxury. She can imagine standing back to admire her new decorating scheme and feel good because she didn't spend a lot.

She may start with organization – fabric-covered storage boxes, drawer organizers and closet systems. She wants to keep her home together while her new life with her groom comes to fruition.

Her goal is to live well with style and comfort. The personal taste begins in their living room by adding unique pieces of furniture, decor pillows, throws, an area rug and decor pieces along the way. This direction will tie into their entire home as a cross between function, fun and comfort.

A bathroom is her escape to relax with our selection of spa, towels and bathroom accessories. She also knows she will refresh her bathroom towels for a "new look." For instance, in a few months she can change the entire look since the prices at Linens & More accommodate her needs at several levels.

She can reinvent her master bedroom every season by selecting the latest comforter set, sheets, blankets, draperies, bedside table, chair and decor pieces. With just one walk through at Linens & More, she can imagine which display will work in her home. She can always pass her master bedroom accessories to the spare bedroom. When guests visit, it will be new to them!

New couples spend more time in the kitchen than any other room in the house – morning coffee, preparing meals, weekend brunch, or an intimate dinner for two at the end of each day. So she picks her favorite color and goes to town with all matching appliances, utensils, gadgets and textiles to customize the kitchen exactly how she wants it.

There is nothing like impressing friends and family when entertaining. She registers for several sets of interesting table settings instead of fine china to easily switch the mood when hosting guests. Serveware, flatware, glasses and linens are always easy updates with the latest themes and color stories changing at Linens & More. Today's bride also knows her eclectic side by being practical – her love of adding occasional furniture in unexpected nooks around her home keeps her guests' interests every time they visit.

She is proud that she is taking good care of herself and her husband. Her friends compliment her good taste. She loves a bargain. So, her thoughts and feelings are what bring her back to Linens & More.

The groom however, has different motives...

The man cave is his domain, and she invites him along to register because he knows what he wants! He wants it to be edgy, masculine, and have some of the latest trendy and retro tools, gadgets and furniture. He feels he deserves to spoil himself a bit. He has worked hard, and he wants to impress his buddies with his new wine fridge, cigar-cutter, or bar set. He wants to project the image "I've finally made it."

She knows registering is the one chance where she will receive exactly what she wants for the perfect home. Planning a life as husband and wife is one of the most exciting times in one's life. Knowing that Linens & More will grow with her family from the moment he carries her across the threshold, with year round holidays, at family gatherings, planned remodeling, and even with the thoughts of her growing family… that's right, children!

It is peace of mind for her to know our expert designers have created unique vignettes to show how she can make over a whole room in just a few minutes. Inventory has been displayed by function and color stories. She knows the choice of colors and fabrics are ready to touch and feel as she registers for her very own happily ever after, satisfying the desire to be surrounded with affordable luxury with exclusive items.

Gift registry experts assist all couples and their guests in making the perfect selections for every room. A checklist has been created as a reference for all couples to organize the selection process. As she navigates the displays and registers her items, she closes her eyes and imagines she and her husband admiring their home created and customized by their own fingertips.

She knows she will take home a copy of her registry after her first visit. Engaged couples, family members and guests have the convenience to view the gift registry anytime online.

Linens and More...taking gift registry and shopping to a new level.

Linens & More...Where your lavish home begins!

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