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Warren Council President and pastors respond to request for money

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WARREN, Ohio - After six teens lost their lives by drowning, efforts to take a burden off the family's backs was made by Warren's council president Bob Dean.

The checks were made to an account at Huntington Bank called and people responded.

But some are questioning how the money was spent after the money was paid directly to funeral home and other vendors after hearing there was money left over.

The committee of six pastors wanted to save that money for a future tragedy to help others. 

Reverend Phillip Shealey directly explains the one mother who is upset actually wanted a check for herself since she took a month off from work.

"She wanted some money in her pocket. She looked at as being her money. I tried explaining to her, but she didn't see it," said Shealey.

Dean is also taking criticism for his comment to another reporter that the money was used for the funerals of the kids, and would not be used for rims and drugs, which he says was taken out of context, Not directed to any families, but a man went to the bank wanting money who is charged with heroin possession.

"A young man went to the bank looking for money, not even in the family. He was out on a $25,000 bond," said Dean.

Councilman Eddie Colbert says due to recent allegations Dean should apply his own standards and at a minimum step down as council president until the investigation is completed.

Dean says Warren police did what they should have with the complaint alleging fraud by 53 year old Anthony Jones.

It was turned over to the Atorney General's Charitable Division. Dean says that is being resolved.

"On Saturday, I met with Brian Mooney from AG office, walked through every canceled check ... walked through every detail until last bank deposit," Dean said.

Some parents, however, have expressed gratitude, telling Pastor Shealey they didn't have the money to bury their children and thanked all who gave and collected money to help ease this financial burden during their deepest time of grief.

The pastors and Dean said criticism and allegation of fraud won't stop them from trying to help others but in the future donations will be taken by a charitable organization with a 501-3c.

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