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Beware of the bite: Tick season is here

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SALEM, Ohio - With the warmer weather, more people are spending time outside.  It's also the season that ticks can become more than a nuisance.

Max, a rescue dog, has been a part of the Chapman family for more than a decade. So when his owners found several ticks on him this year, they took notice.

"Every time we take him out for his daily walk, I run my hands over him looking for ticks," says Patricia Chapman of North Benton.

Max's Veterinarian, Dr. Alicia Boyce, says Max is not the only one experiencing more tick bites this year.  

Since the beginning of spring, Adamson Veterinary Service in Salem has seen a growing number of tick reports.

"When dogs come in we find them accidentally, the owners do not know they are there," Boyce explains. "Many more owners have also been calling wondering why their dogs have been getting more ticks."

Dr. Boyce attributes the increase in ticks to environmental changes.

One of the most common species of ticks in our region is commonly known as the "Deer Tick," which Boyce said can carry Lyme Disease.

"It can cause fever, lethargy, anorexia, it can cause swollen lymph nodes, it can even cause limping, and lameness and arthritis," Boyce says.

In some cases, those conditions can become life threatening.

To guard from the ticks, preventative medicines are highly recommended. They cause the pest to fall off the moment it attaches to the animal.

If your pet is not on medication and a tick grabs hold, Boyce says the tick will not actually start feeding and transmitting the disease for about 24 hours.

The tick can be removed safely using tweezers.

Humans can also be affected by the ticks. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources suggests, when outdoors, use repellents, tuck your pants into your socks or boots and check yourself and children regularly. 

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