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Expert gives tips on dealing with invasion of stink bugs

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CANFIELD, Ohio - They're called stink bugs. Step on one and you'll find out why. A squashed stink bug can let off a quite unpleasant odor. But the insects are even more unpleasant to growers of  commercial crops like fruit trees, corn, and soybeans on which they feed.

By October the critters are flocking into people's homes looking for a warm place to ride out the cold winter weather. Eric Barrett OSU Extension Educator says the best defense is to keep them out.

"The biggest thing they can do is buy a caulking gun and buy that sealant for their doors and windows. Check every crevasse in on the outside of a house. Make sure that it's sealed and has caulk in it so they can't climb in. They can go through a very tiny space.", said Barrett.

Screens around windows and doors should be in working condition. If not, they need to be repaired or replaced. Barrett adds even dryer vents should have a cover.

He says people should avoid old wives tales such as using lavender scented candles to get rid of the stink bugs. Once they're in the home he says the best way to get rid of then is with a sweeper.

He recommends placing a section of nylon stocking over a vacuum cleaner hose to catch the bugs. If you don't filter them with the nylon, make sure you throw out the vacuum bag after you are finished because they will stink.

The bugs can be a nuisance, but they are not a threat to the health of humans or pets.

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