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Valley club hunts for small treasures

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A lot of people walk around wearing headphones these days, but for some people the sounds coming out of them are music to only their specific ears.

"Every little boy dreams of finding pirate treasure, I just never outgrew that dream," said Jesse James.

James started the tri-county metal detecting club because he found a lot of people loved what he loved.

All those beeps mean something.

"These machines here just give out different tones for different objects. It usually works the higher the pitch the better the target.  Except for gold, gold hits real low," said Norbert Mong.

The group didn't find a whole lot of interesting stuff at Cascade Park in New Castle that night. They have a monthly gathering somewhere different each month, but many other times they do literally strike gold.

Jesse found a $5,500 diamond ring once, but his favorite find is a confederate soldier's homemade knife he found in Virginia.

Some metal detectors are pretty fancy, like this $2,500 model.

"You can literally tell what it is before you dig it out of the ground," said Mong.

Mong had it paid off with his find day's hunting. He found a gold ring.

"It dated to the 1800's, that same yard I found an 1878 silver dollar," said Mong.

Surprisingly, most of these hunters never sell what they find.

"I'm not in this for the money, I just enjoy doing it. I have my own collection," said James.

Lose something? The club will help you find it for free.

"When we get a call that someone has lost an item, jewelry for example, we go and look for it. Occasionally, we find it, not always, but we go look," said James.

Some days are better than others but whether it's an old rusty nail or a gold coin, it's always about the thrill of the hunt.


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