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Local schools fight for Common Core

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An Ohio House Committee heard testimony Tuesday on the fate of the state's new education standard called Common Core.

Schools all over the state and in the valley are set to implement Common Core this year.

Proponents say the new educational standards encourage critical thinking and discourage students from simply memorizing facts and figures.

But critics say Common Core is just a one-sized fits all standard that stifles creativity.

Some lawmakers want Ohio to reject Common Core and are currently debating a bill to do just that.

But after spending years preparing for it, some local school administrators say the state has to give it a chance.

Rocco Nero, Southington Local School District superintendent said, "It's unbelievable how hard teachers and administrators have worked and all the changes that have gone into it. It's like reinventing the wheel and now that we've gotten there we have to stay the course."

Warren's superintendent, Steve Shairo, says it makes sense to have a national standard for schools to learn language, arts and math.

"We've put a lot of time and effort into breaking down the standards in seeing how the crosswalk works and tying it into our daily instruction. So at this point we're moving forward with it. I know there's a lot of debate about Common Core but it's a direction to level the playing field across all the districts," said Shairo.

More public hearings on Common Core are expected in the statehouse later this month.

If the bill passes in the house and senate Ohio would use the Massachusetts version of Common Core for two years while a new version would be created for Ohio and implemented for 2017.


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