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Flooding returns to Valley neighborhoods

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Quick and heavy showers, once again, made their way through the Valley late Tuesday afternoon.

The rain came fast, overwhelming several sewer drains along Route 46 in Mineral Ridge.

The heavy down pour turned parking lots into pools, hills into streams, and the basement of the nearby V.F.W. Post 4192 into a mess.

"We had to shut both doors. Between the two doors that were shut the water was up to the windows," said Trustee Danny Dugan. "The bars completely flooded downstairs, completely."

Outside the post, water was about knee deep. One car flooded and was in need of a tow.

"I pulled it in there and I didn't get it out before it was too deep to come out," said Member Chuck Reedy.

Next door, at Mineral Ridge Church of Christ, members tried to clear debris from the sewer drains. Once they did the water receded pretty fast.

"At least we don't have to shovel it, right? It's better than snow but, yeah we've had enough, it's time for summer now," said Norm Garris with Mineral Ridge Church of Christ.

Down stream, or rather down the road, high water also made it's way into the offices the Mahoning Valley Veterinary Centre.

"Sucking up the water then hopefully get a company in here to deal with the rest of the chlorine issues and dry wall issues," explained Dr. Aaron Tangeman, D.V.M.

In McDonald, one family along Illinois Ave. was completely taken off guard by the heavy rains.

"Didn't really think anything of it until my kids, looking out the window said, 'Mom, we don't have a drive way anymore.' Then it started coming in through our door downstairs," explained Jamie Batchelder.

The water flooded the family's hot water tank, furnace, and even the car parked in their garage. The Red Cross was called in to assist.

According to 21 News Chief Meteorologist Eric Wilhelm, this month marks the third rainiest June the Valley has on record.

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