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Helping pets that are afraid of fireworks

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The Fourth of July may be fun for people but it can be traumatizing for man's best friend.  
By some estimates, at least forty percent of dogs experience noise anxiety.  
"We get calls all the time from now until about the first of August about my dog is afraid of fireworks or thunderstorms," said Dr. John Daugherty of the Poland Veterinary Clinic.
June Marion of Poland says her dog Ginger will start to tremble and try to hide.
"She gets really frightened and she tries to hunker down and hide," said Marion.
 Dr. Daugherty says other dogs panic and run.
"We've seen dogs go through windows and screen doors, jump over fences and break their leash outside and just take off," Daugherty said.
Many runaways end up at the local pound.
"It's horrible. The days following the Fourth of July we bring in the most dogs that we do all year long. We'll average 10 to 15 a day," said Rick Tunison at the Mahoning County Dog Pound.
Dr. Daugherty says the ideal solution is behavior modification, such as playing audio tapes with the sounds of thunder and fireworks that gradually get louder and teaching  the dog to stay calm. Medication is another option, and one new treatment is Sileo, which is derived from dexmedetomidine, a sedative used in surgeries
Daugherty says it is normally used during minor surgeries. "The jury is still out on how well it really works for noise aversion," according to Daugherty. 
Tunison says If you see a runaway dog, don't chase it, call the dog warden.  

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