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FBI: Highest number of home burglaries in July and August

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If you are going on vacation this summer be careful what you do with your home when you're gone.

According to the FBI, July and August have the highest instances of home burglaries.

Often times when people are away on vacation they will close all of their shades and curtains.  But if they are closed for long periods of time that tells criminals that you aren't home.  Experts say leave them half open and make sure lights are on.

The key is to make sure it looks like someone is always home.

Have a car parked in your driveway and make sure you don't leave access to a garage door opener inside it.

Burglars these days want small items instead of bigger ones like TV's.

Now they want Ipads and Iphones so don't leave those sitting out. And don't keep valuables inside jewelry boxes.  Take out the pricey ones and hide them somewhere.

Boardman Police Detective, Richard Romeo, says, "Jewelry is a very quick and easy sell with the prices for gold and silver. They'll just grab everything if it's costume jewelry or not."

And it may not be a stranger you have to worry about robbing your place.  Police say don't post your vacation plans or pics on Facebook until after you get back.

"A great number of burglaries that we worked here the suspect knows the victim. Sometimes it's a distant family member. Drugs in the community have risen and they touch almost every family.," says Romeo.

Maybe it's best not to let anybody other than a neighbor know you're gone.

"Try not to stop your mail or your newspaper, Have a neighbor pick it up for you. Make sure you tell the trusted people in your neighborhood to keep an eye on your home for you," says Romeo.

Lights on timers is always a good way to make a criminal guess as to whether someone is really home or not.  Police say a burglar usually doesn't want to take a chance and will likely move to another target if he isn't sure. 

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