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Warren city leads working on a plan to avoid layoffs.

"I don't think we are in any position to reject 2.4 million dollars, I don't care where it's coming from," says one Warren City Councilman. 

 2.4 million dollars that's been at the forefront of discussion- as the city of Warren tries to convince voters they still desperately need a levy passed this November. 

"I think once people understand the nature of the award it becomes very clear', says Safety Services Director Enzo Cantalamessa. 'Very simply put, the Safer grant is for two years, and it enables you to hire a number of fire fighters for two years. After that two years when that money runs out the city is faced with a very significant challenge which is not being able to retain those firefighters.'" 

Tonight, city leaders are trying to find a way to make sure that when that grant runs out- they won't be forced to layoff firefighters. Looking into the possibility of earmarking money from November's levy if it passes. 

Now if you work in the city of warren, but don't live here the tax levy still applies to you. Cantalamessa adds he doesn't feel this will hinder the passing of the tax levy because it pays for services like safety and paved roads.

The city of Warren plans to roll out information on the levy soon, and plans to hold various town halls throughout the city over the next 49 days. 

In the meantime, a citizen lead committee is analyzing the current state of Warren, and has recommend a plan for changes to the city moving forward.

A spokesman with the Good Governance Committee says "We also need a path away from this problem and that's where the reasonable reserve, the economic development, and the continual meeting and interaction with the citizens committee all puts us together in the same boat."

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