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Eating and drinking your way through St. Patrick's Day

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For many people, St. Patrick's Day 2017 started off with a cold, green beer.

"Beer, naturally, is lower in sodium, high in potassium, not really bad in calories.  So, actually in moderation beer is not a problem," said nutritionist Bridget Lackey with Mercy Health.

Along with the beer, corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots round out most St. Patrick's Day festivities.  If you are sticking with tradition, the choices aren't that bad for your health.

"All very good.  Lower in sodium, high in potassium great for us, high in fiber.  The corned beef, not so good because it is very high in salt.  In our area, we take that corned beef to the reuben and that is very high in sodium," said Lackey.

If you're trying to avoid sodium, stick with an overriding theme of the holiday. Go green in the form of fruits and veggies. Studies show people who eat more leafy greens, lower their risk of some chronic diseases.

"The darker the more intense with any of the colors and things that you are looking at.  We want to eat the rainbow kind of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we look at it, but the more intense the colors that's what has the more nutritional value," said Lackey.

The daily recommendations for fruits and vegetables depend on whether you're a child or an adult, male or female.  Generally, though, it's one to two cups of fruit per day and one to three cups of vegetables per day.

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