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Diet sodas increase risk for dementia and stroke


Americans love their sugary drinks.  However, those drinks don't necessarily love Americans.
New research shows people who consume pop and juice have smaller brain volumes and poorer memory functions. The study also shows diet pop is even worse.  People who drink just one can a day of that are three times more likely to develop a stroke and dementia.

"People drink these, they also have other bad habits.  They eat more fast food.  They are not exercising.  So, as a result, their entire lifestyle is effected," said nutritionist Dr. Armon Shayesteh.

Nutritionist Dr. Armon Shayesteh says people are addicted to the sugar and caffeine found the pop, which keeps them coming back for more.

"What the sugar does gives you boost of energy.  You feel wonderful.  What the caffeine does, it boosts your energy, feel wonderful, but unfortunately it spikes and you crash it.  That is why you have a can of a pop then later you want to have two of them," said Shayesteh.

Shayesteh encourages gradually cutting sugary drinks from your diet if your addicted.
Replace them with infused water, fresh fruit smoothies or skim milk.  

He says the key is overhauling your entire diet, focusing on well balanced meals and snacks to cut down on those sugar cravings.

"Nutrition is one of the foundations of preventative medicine.  We can change our mind and our body completely by changing our nutrition," said Shayesteh.

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