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Gadget banned by some schools welcomed at Potential Development

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While some schools have actually banned fidget spinners, Potential Development is encouraging its students to tinker with the toys.

"The spinners really do a lot for the kids," said occupational therapist Caleb Yanno with Potential Development.

The gadgets have become hits with kids across the country, but they actually started out as toys for children with autism.  Occupational therapist Caleb Yanno says the spinners are particularly helpful for children who have sensory processing difficulties.

"It is kind of hard for them to sit in a classroom and just be a still due to all of the information that they are taking in from their environment," said Yanno.

The gadgets have been such a hit among students the school has actually ordered more.
While many kids see them as toys, Yanno says they have a number of therapeutic benefits, including bilateral integration.

"So, it kind of deals with using both sides fo the body together, which is kind of an issue that a lot of kids on the spectrum have is using both hands together.  They kind of initiate things with one hand or the other," said Yanno.

Among the other benefits, Yanno says fidget spinners provide kids with tactile input or the ability to feel different textures, as well as visual stimulation.

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