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Preventing colds during the summer months

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When we're stuck inside during the winter months, germs can spread like wildfires.  While they may not spread as quickly this time of year, they can certainly cause some people misery.

"People who are working are still in close quarters.  You get a little bit lax with the hand washing and you can get dehydrated in the summer just like you can get dehydrated in the fall or the winter and that can be a risk factor," said Dr. Harriet Lemberger-Schor with Mercy Health.

Unlike the flu, which is still floating around, the common cold can be caused by many different types of viruses.

"Winter symptoms just seem to be more severe because just more people get them and you are in the close, tight quarters more so than you would be during the summer. But summer colds can be just as severe as a winter cold could be," said Dr. Lemberger-Schor.

Common symptoms of the cold include a runny nose, sneezing and chest congestion.  

However, those symptoms may be easily confused for allergies, which are also floating around this time of year.

"Colds have a very definite period of time that they do their damage, one to two weeks.  Allergies, if you are somebody who suffers from seasonal allergies, last the season.  Other symptoms watery, itchy eyes, itchy nose, itchy palates, sneezing are frequently more associated with allergies than they are with colds," said Dr. Lemberger-Schor.

Dr. Lemberger-Schor says if you do end up sidelined by a cold, treat it as you would if you had gotten a cold during the winter.  She recommends nasal saline rinses, eating chicken soup, drinking hot tea with honey and lemon and getting plenty of rest.

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