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Jurassic Park jeeps roam Girard

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GIRARD, Ohio -

If you see a jeep from Jurassic Park on the road, you tend to notice. 

There are actually two of them in Girard alone, built by neighbors whose jeeps are getting a lot of attention.

It feels like a movie, watching the two iconic jeeps rolling over a bridge. But this isn't Jurassic Park, it's Liberty Park in Girard, the hometown of Marc Moore and Steve Angst, the proud owners of jeeps 12 and 82.

"I take it to work every single day and people are always snapping back, looking at it and taking pictures," said Angst.

"It's neat when you see people. You're driving down the road and they do the double take," said Moore. "We went to the Hot Rod SuperNationals and it was just picture after picture after picture. I was so happy we got together because I've been trying to get the jeeps together so people know there are two of us."

Marc's number 12 was the first to pop up around here about five years ago. He always wanted a jeep, he was a fan of the movie, so it just clicked.

"Number 12 is the one I wanted because of the search lights," said Moore. "Unfortunately, did I know when John Hammond said, 'we spare no expense,' he was right."

So it's become a project that's always evolving. One that caught Steve's eye, his neighbor about a quarter mile up the road. They didn't know each other at the time, but when Steve bought his jeep and started working on it last year these two formed an instant bond.

"Marc actually drove up the street because we live on the same street. He saw the Sahara in its rusty, ugly condition. He stopped by and said, 'I know what you're doing,' because I had this same shirt on. He said, 'I bet you're doing a Jurassic Park jeep.' I said, 'You got it,' and we kind of just became friends from there," said Angst.

Another Jeep, but also another resource just down the road.

"You run into somebody who wants to build one and you can interchange parts because there are a couple of things mine was missing that he had from a spare jeep," said Moore.

You have these two around here, but many, many more across the country, part of a club known as the Jurassic Park Motor Pool. Some of them who take their vehicles very seriously.

"I call them the screen weenies," said Moore. "They like to be extremely screen accurate, I mean literally down to the dirt on the floor."

Marc and Steve aren't quite that intense about it, but life has become a bit more of an adventure.

Both of them say if you see one of them, feel free to snap a picture. As long as you're not climbing all over it, they absolutely welcome anyone who gets as excited about these jeeps as they do.

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