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Austintown man's lottery ticket rolls five "13" Mega Ball numbers

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An Austintown man purchased a lottery ticket for Friday night's drawing with all 5 Mega Ball numbers as "13".

Joseph Antenucci bought a $5 ticket from the Austintown GetGo on a machine that picks the numbers for you. 

The mega ball number can range from 1 through 15.

Antenucci has a statistical background and a Ph.D. and says the odds against the number 13 coming up five times are 759,375 to 1.

Antenucci said the store verified that their equipment was functioning properly and the State of Ohio Lottery Commission verified that their computers did not malfunction. 

Joseph told 21 News that he doesn't play very often, but when the jackpot gets really big he'll throw in a couple dollars.

"The fact that it was a "13" is what spooked me into questioning the folks who run the lottery.  So, 13 will either be unlucky or very lucky for us tonight," said Antenucci.

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