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Scrappers manager Carlin has been preparing for this moment

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NILES, Ohio -

Even die-hard Indians fans might have a tough time remembering Luke Carlin. 

He played a grand total of 10 games for the Tribe, but now you know him as the Scrappers' manager. It's a transition he saw coming for years.

"I think it was my Double-A season," said Carlin. "You really started to see the impact that the coaches had on my life, on other players' lives. I definitely knew it was going to be in my future in about 2005, so I'd say it was about 2006 is when I started taking notes. I was like, ok, what do guys do well, what don't I like? I've been preparing for this for a while."

Carlin played for 15 different teams in eight organizations in his 13-year career, including a couple stints with the Indians. All that bouncing around came with a bonus; learning from a wide variety of managers. Two that made the biggest impact happened to be from his time with the Tribe.

"The first one I played for was Mike Sarbaugh, who's the third base coach now in Cleveland. I really liked his style. Connected really well with his players. I played for Chris Tremie as well, who's in Columbus right now. His attention to detail and game strategy, candidness, honesty really hit home with me as well," said Carlin.

Luke was a catcher during his playing days, a position that's produced no shortage of managers at every level over the years. He has a couple ideas behind just why that is.

"As a catcher, you learn people. So you learn how to communicate, you learn how to invest in other people and I think that's such a huge part of managing," said Carlin.

And because he's been there, he's worked his way up the ladder, he knows what it takes. When he looks out on the field, Carlin says he sees some future major leaguers on this roster. It's up to him and his staff to help them take that next step.

"I think what we see here at the lower levels is flashes of that awesomeness or that excellence, and then it's can you get it out of them every day. The only way that that happens is that these guys have to learn to control what's between their ears," said Carlin.

Master the mental part, buy into the team philosophy and Carlin says the wins will come. He should know, he's seen plenty.

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