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Youngstown teachers' union files new grievances

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As the first week of comes to an end for the Youngstown City School district, there are three new union grievances on the desk of CEO Krish Mohip. 

According to Youngstown Education Association President Larry Ellis, the grievances were formally filed on Wednesday. 

The complaints allege that the administration of the school district has violated teacher contracts, particularly when it comes to specifications about teacher/student contact time. 

Contact hours refer to the number of teaching hours given to a specific instructor during the day. 

A separate grievance claims that some teachers within the district have been scheduled days without planning periods, lunch hours, and are being asked to work more hours than what is allowed for in their contracts. 

The union says that teachers are being asked to work more hours per day than before. 

That complaint stems from a recent scheduling change within the district. 

In August CEO Krish Mohip announced that the 2017-2018 school year would feature new hours.

Chaney High School begins classes at 9:25 am with the first bell at 9:20 am changed from 8 am last year. Dismissal is at 4:30 pm. 

At East High School the first period begins at 9:15 am with the first bell at 9:05 am. The last period of the day concludes at 4:20 pm and students have until 4:30 pm to be out of the building or at their after-school activity.

The change was brought about by research that said earlier start times don’t coincide with adolescents’ natural sleep patterns and sleep requirements, according to a previous media release from the district.

In response to this week's claims from the Y.E.A., district superintendent Krish Mohip released the following statement: 

It's my understanding that on the second day of school, the teachers' union filed three grievances alleging that District leadership violated certain sections of the collective bargaining agreement, which I presume stems from the students' first instructional day. As I am sure one can imagine, I have been extremely focused on our students and families this first week of school and have been deeply rooted in ensuring our students receive the quality education as described in the strategic plan.   That said, I have not had the opportunity to explore the various grievances and, therefore, have no response at this time. My attention has overwhelmingly been on our children and starting this school year off on the right foot. I feel a sense of hope that has not permeated this city in decades. That is what I want to think about -- at least for the first week. 

We have set an instructional schedule that will allow our teachers a greater opportunity to have success with our students without adding to the length of their day.  In addition, we have built in 18 days for teachers to engage in professional development, planning and preparation. To add, we provided teachers with seven days in their classroom prior to our children's return. We compensated each teacher for all 25 days. We did so willingly and happily. 

Our teachers have the most significant impact on the success of this district and turning around the future outcomes for our students. I will continue to provide them, as I always have, with the time and resources needed in order to successfully change the trajectory of children's lives. Our children are worth it and our teachers deserve it. 

In May the union filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge, accusing Krish Mohip of using the media to twist facts and engage in public bargaining for his benefit.

Those claims stem from a proposition to change the pay rates and wages of teachers. 

Union President Ellis said that unfair labor practice complaint has yet to be solved, and is still in the hands of attorneys for the union and school district. 

A copy of the union's latest grievances can be read below: 

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