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Take a stand not a knee, Poland - OH

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No one took a knee during the National Anthem, but they did take a stand to send their message to the NFL that taking a knee disrespects all veterans who have fought and died for the flag and freedoms our country provides. 

Holly Niotti-Soltesz a Navy Veteran who organized the event said, "I invite them to go to our local VA hospitals and meet the men and women missing arms and legs, to visit those who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder or TBI a traumatic brain injury. Then tell me you have a right to take a knee when they fought for this flag and our country and freedoms the millionaire football players enjoy. The players can protest, but doing it at games is not appropriate. There are too many who serve who made the return trip home in a casket. They lost their lives defending and preserving our freedoms. The players enjoy the freedoms on the backs of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and the coast guard who make so little and risk their lives."

Jeff Vrable from Poland said, " Roger Goddell when you don't let the Dallas Cowboys put a decal on their helmets for five officers murdered in cold blood yet you let them take a knee for the National Anthem, shame on you. Get out of my country. Call me I'll help you pack."  Vrable was referring to when the Dallas Cowboys wanted to pay tribute to five officers murdered at a Black Lives Matter Protest in July 2016.

Others say taxpayers have paid 7 Billion  dollars over the last 20 years to build costly stadiums. They say the use of tax dollars to make billionaire owners more wealthy needs to end. Some folks say players should protest on their own time, adding that they personally would be fired if they protested at work. After the program people explained why they were burning their NFL apparel those messages will be tweeted to the NFL. Geno Difabio who organized the burning of NFL jerseys, t-shirts, and gear said, "Call their advertisers, write to them, e mail them, use social media and get in touch with anyone who has anything to do with the NFL and tell them how disappointed you are in their actions and that you won't support them, or their products, as long as they support the NFL.

Everett Oliver, Comander of American Legion Post 247 Lowellville said, "Give it up. This is the wrong place, the wrong time, wrong venue. By all means let us know your feelings, not on a football field, not against the flag. About two dozen veterans or people with relatives who have served took the microphone and shared the pain and heartache the protests have caused as they watched players take a knee.  They say the biggest fraternity is veterans and veterans will stand for against businesses who support a disrespecting NFL.

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