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Cocaine, crack-cocaine and crystal meth return to Mahoning Valley

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When it comes to fighting the drug war the Mahoning Valley's focus has been on opioid's and heroin.

But you may be shocked to learn what other dangerous drugs have made a resurgence in the tri-county area.  

As we continue to work to find solutions to the opioid problem that has claimed so many lives, Lieutenant Jeff Solic, Commander of Mahoning Valley's Drug Task Force, says other addictive and dangerous drugs have now made their way back on to our streets.

"Everybody's talking about the opiate problem.  But I think we need to step back from that and start talking about the drug problem in general.  Opiates are terrible, believe me.  But we're seeing a huge resurgence in cocaine and crack-cocaine and crystal methamphetamine," Commander Solic said.

The Drug Task Force has seized almost five-kilograms of cocaine, that's more than in the past three years total.  So why the come back of these drugs?

Solic tells 21 News, "The prevailing theory is the Mexican cartels are pushing more cocaine and crystal methamphetamine across the border.  We know that to be certain to make up for lost revenue from the marijuana trade."

The reason they're losing money on marijuana is that the drug is being legalized across the United States.

As for cocaine and crack-cocaine, there were severe mandatory-minimum sentences for traffickers of those drugs back in the 80s.  But Solic says now some are being released from prison.

"Is there a coincidence?  I don't know.  Are they getting back into the system?  I know for a fact some are because we've investigated them again," Commander Solic said.

A drug war with no end in sight and no easy answers.

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