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FCC repeals 'Net Neutrality' rules

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The changes may be slow, but action in Washington could affect the speed of some internet sites.

"Net neutrality" has become somewhat of a buzz word, and on Thursday the Federal Communications Commission voted to roll back its restrictions.

For the past several years, internet providers haven't been allowed to play favorites. That means whether you're streaming video from Hulu or Netflix, the video should reach you at the same amount of speed.

But, the vote by the FCC puts an end to what's called "net neutrality," meaning internet companies can now pick and choose which sites are delivered faster. 

"When they say fast lane, it's really just saying what you're already getting, but now you have to pay to guarantee you have that access," said Kent State University IT User Support Analyst Ben Darby.

Darby believes the cost will ultimately fall back to the user. He also believes small companies may have a harder time getting traction.

"You don't get the organic ideas. the innovation that came from a free and open marketplace," said Darby.

On the other side of the issue, Youngstown State University AVP Chief Information Officer James Yukech said the competition is already there in the brick and mortar stores.

"You've got Barns & Noble, you've got Target, you've got these large companies. Do they have advantages because they partner with large contractors? Yes," said Yukech.

This, he believes, is the same idea.

"The good products survive and thrive," said Yukech. "And all we're doing is bringing that capitalist society to the internet."

Although the FCC has voted to end net neutrality, lawmakers are already calling for action to reverse the decision.

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