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Winter dry skin tips

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Dry skin plagues many people during the winter months.

Local dermatologist Dr. Kyle Wagamon says November through May is the season where eczema becomes most prevalent.

Many people try and prevent this by drinking plenty of water and taking vitamins, and though these are great things for overall health, Wagamon says they won't help with dry skin.

Instead, dry skin needs to be tackled from the outside. 

Dr. Wagamon  says there is one main rule to follow when through when buying moisturizers. 

"For severe dry skin in the winter time, you need an oil based moisturizer," says Wagamon, "...pump lotions are typically water based, and oil moisturizers [are] typically ones you see out of jars". 

And if you don't have a chance to run to the store, some common kitchen oils such as coconut oil and olive oil can be used as well, but should be made sure to be fresh.

However, this is not recommended for acne prone skin, as the oil can cause more break outs.

Moisturizing alone may not be enough, make sure to also keep your skin warm and dry. 

The cold will cause skin to become more brittle.

Avoid the wet-dry cycle- when hands become wet, such as when washing, they dry out when the water evaporates.

If all of these tips still do not work and the skin becomes itchy and inflamed, you may have eczema. To help treat you may want to seek help from a dermatologist to prescribe a topical cream.

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