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Local medical professionals weigh in on flu season

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This flu season has been especially severe. During most years, the flu mainly has dangerous effects on only certain groups like the very old, very young or those in poor health or with comprised immune systems.

This season, however, it is causing thousands of hospitalizations across the country in otherwise healthy adults and had killed at least 30 children.

In Northeast Ohio alone, hundreds with flu symptoms have been hospitalized each week. 

Dr. Alton Temple, an Emergency room physician at Steward Medical Group's North Side Regional Medical Center, said, "This has been a busier than normal flu season, probably the busiest in the past five or six years. We see probably close to a half dozen people per day with flu or flu-like symptoms."

Though many cases of the flu can go away with rest, others can turn deadly, so it's important to seek emergency medical attention if symptoms become severe.

Dr. Temple says some cases can go up to full failure of certain organs such as their lungs, heart, requiring admission to the ICU.

The prevalence of the virus is causing many to fear exposure in the workplace or in public areas.

Some steps you can take to prevent the spread of the flu at the office are to get a flu vaccine, practice good hand washing, wipe down keyboards and try wearing a mask, especially if you have not had the vaccine.

If you do get the flu, it's important to see your doctor right away. They may be able to prescribe Tamiflu, which if taken within the first 48 hours of onset may be able to lessen the severity and length of the virus.

Following a visit to the doctor, get plenty of rest, keep drinking liquids and do not return to work until 24 hours after your symptoms subside.

Brine's Hometown Pharmacy manager, Bruce Dilullo, warns, "If you are sick it's just very important to stay home until you're ready to go back to work, not to push it because that's how it spreads."

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