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How to change Amazon Alexa’s voice

By Gia Liu

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Amazon Alexa is always there for you, answering your questions, notifying you when the prime rib is done roasting, and informing you of the weather. But perhaps you’re getting tired of hearing that same old voice coming from your Amazon Echo device and think it’s time for a change. Luckily for you, you can indeed change Alexa’s voice to that of another English-language regional accent. And while you can’t switch to a male voice or a different voice entirely, you can change Alexa’s language as well.

Want to hear Alexa speaking English in a British accent? You can make that happen. But here’s a fair warning: changing Alexa’s voice will also make it a little harder for the device to understand your voice if you don’t speak in the particular accent in question. So unless you can do a perfect United Kingdom accent that would make Benedict Cumberbatch and the Queen of England proud, Alexa may be confused when you say “waw-tur” instead of “wah-tuh” while asking the device how much water there is in an Olympic swimming pool.

Still want to change Amazon Alexa’s voice so that she speaks with a regional accent? Here’s how to do it.

How to change Alexa’s accent


1. Open the Alexa app

Grab the device you use to control Alexa’s settings, whether it’s your smartphone or tablet. Tap on the Alexa app icon to open up the app. Then, go ahead and click the gear icon, which will lead you to settings. Wait until the list of connected devices pops up on the screen, then choose the device for which you’d like to change Alexa’s voice.

2. Select your language

Once you’ve chosen the device you want to configure, scroll down until you see Language, and give that word a tap. You’ll see a drop-down box with a list of accents. While Google Assistant now has six different voices you can choose from, and Siri can speak in multiple languages and accents, Alexa has yet to obtain a wide range of voices. Currently, you can program Alexa to speak English in an American accent or British accent, or you can hear the voice assistant speak German (which is only useful if you speak the language).

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3. Save changes

Feel free to spend some time playing around with the different accents until you find the one in which you want Alexa to speak. When you’ve made your choice, hit Save Changes. Now, go ahead and ask Alexa a whole bunch of questions just to hear her answering in a different accent or language.

How to change Alexa’s language

So now you know how to change Alexa’s voice so that she speaks in a regional accent. What if you want to change the language Alexa speaks altogether? If you live in a country where English is not the primary language, or you’re learning a second language and want to get all the practice you can get, you can set Alexa’s default language to German or Japanese. Spanish is reportedly coming soon.

This way, Alexa will always answer your questions in your language of choice. Keep in mind that when you select a new language for your Amazon Echo device, all the text in your app will also change. Here’s how to change the language settings on your Amazon Echo.

How to enable skills to get celebrity voices to talk to you

    What if you want to have a famous celebrity speaking to you from Alexa? Thanks to Alexa Skills, you can have people like Gordon Ramsay, the famous foul-mouthed TV chef, speaking to you from the device. But take note: Ramsay’s famous voice won’t be replacing the default voice altogether. Instead, there will be predetermined phrases spoken by the chef, featuring his penchant for harshly criticizing perfectly edible food. Here’s how to get Ramsay to criticize your cooking skills. You can use these steps to enable skills with other celebrities as well.

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    1.Open the Alexa app

    Once again, open up the Alexa app, and tap Menu.

    2. Select the skill

    Select the Skills button. From there, type in Gordon Ramsay to search for his voice. Select the first skill that pops up (it should be from Ground Control, otherwise it’s probably not the one you want). Then, sit back and enjoy being mocked by one of the most famous chefs on the planet. Note: many skills you can also activate simply by asking Alexa to enable them, although you’ll need to know which one you want in order to make the request.

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