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Inside: Armed teacher training

West Union, Ohio -

Every new school shooting thrusts gun control back into the headlines, and more recently the question of arming teachers as the next step in school safety.

The Tactical Defense Institute in West Union, Ohio is a leader in firearms safety and defense training. The founder, John Benner is a thirty year veteran of 

'We've trained over 1,300 school staff and over 225 districts in Ohio," Benner said. 

Benner is a no-nonsense instructor who calls active shooters what they really are. "These people are active killers or active murderers." 

His training class stresses that in any school shooting, time is the most important factor. The time it takes before the first officers arrive and enter the school. He calls it the stopwatch of death because a shooter can kill eight people or more per minute.

Everyone taking the TDI class must have completed all the requirements of concealed carry and must prove proficient with their weapon. Tactical training also gives the participants real-time, simulated encounters with armed intruders in what is called the shoot house. 

TDI Instructor Dan Caster is the former head of the National Association of School Resource Officers. He says they are not training school staff to be the 

"They are being trained for one specific issue, if you have someone come to a school with a gun determined to kill as many kids as he can," Caster said.

The three-day course also includes a session on what Benner calls Immediate Casualty Care.  "Knowing how to put pressure on a wound to stop the bleeding, how to apply a tourniquet, to save someone's life in the short term," Benner said.  

Benner said it can be vital because medical personnel won't enter a school until the shooting ends and the building is secure.

According to Benner, arming teachers may not be for every school. but those who do need proper training. "We really put them to the task here, this is not an easy class and not everyone passes," he said. 

The next Armed Teacher Training class is scheduled for July when teachers are on summer vacation. 


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