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Prepare for liftoff: Here’s a list of upcoming important SpaceX rocket launches

By Kelly Hodgkins

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SpaceX is known for its nail-biting rocket launches that keep people glued to their screens, waiting to see if the mission will be a success or a fiery failure. Watching these launches has become so popular that SpaceX is now live streamingnearly every one. Want to watch a Falcon Heavy or the cutting-edge Dragon capsule take to the skies? Then check out this curated schedule of upcoming SpaceX launches below, so you know when to tune in.



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6/4/18SES of LuxembourgCape Canaveral, FLFalcon 9Launch of SES 12 communications satellite
6/?/18Telesat of CanadaCape Canaveral, FLFalcon 9Launch of Telestat 19V communications/broadband satellite
6/28/18SpaceXCape Canaveral, FLFalcon 9/DragonISS resupply mission
7/?/18IridiumVandenberg AFB, CAFalcon 9Launch of Iridium Next Satellites 56-65
Mid-2018Telkom IndonesiaCape Canaveral, FLFalcon 9Launch of Telkom 4 communications satellite
7/?/18SpaceflightVandenberg AFB, CAFalcon 9Launch of Spaceflight’s SSO-A rideshare mission with payloads from up to 50 government and commercial organizations from 16 countries
8/?/18IridiumVandenberg AFB, CAFalcon 9Launch of Iridium Next Satellites 66-75
8/?/18IridiumKennedy Space Center, FLFalcon 9/Crew DragonUncrewed demo to ISS
10/?/18U.S. Air ForceCape Canaveral, FLFalcon 9Launch of GPS navigation satellite
10/30/18SpaceX/U.S. Air ForceKennedy Space Center, FLFalcon HeavyUSAF’s Space Test Program-2 mission
11/16/18NASACape Canaveral, FLFalcon 9/DragonISS resupply mission
Late 2018Arabsat of Saudi ArabiaCape Canaveral, FLFalcon HeavyLaunch of Arabsat 6A communications satellite

SpaceX is on a mission to make spaceflight affordable by creating a reusable rocket that can launch, land, and fly again — much like a passenger plane. The privately funded company has made great strides since its debut in 2002, and loggeda record number of firsts— including the first retrieval ofa private spacecraft from low orbit, the historiclanding of a Falcon 9 rocket, and animpressive drone ship landing. Let’s also not forget that one time Elon Musk sent a Tesla Roadster into space, headed for Mars orbit.

Launch and landing are just the beginning though. In recent years, Space X has moved closer to its reusable rocket dreams by successfully reusing a Falcon 9 rocket to deliver a commercial satellite into orbit. This year, the company has an aggressive launch schedule that includes several ISS resupply missions, a Falcon heavy launch and even a demonstration of its cutting-edge Crew Dragon capsule which one day will shuttle crew to the ISS. Each successful flight brings the company closer to its goal of making rocket launches into space as safe and routine as airline flights.

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