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Get your clothing clean with the best top load washers

By Gia Liu

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As front-load washing machines have become popular, top load washers are not as easy to find these days. But there are still a few on the market. While experts say that front-loading machines are more energy efficient and get your clothes cleaner, top-load washers eliminate the need to bend over to put clothes in and are usually more affordable, making them preferable for many.

Some top-load washers still use agitators to clean your clothing — that’s the post in the middle of the tub — and some have fins or paddles to help circulate the clothes. Other top-load washers use impellers, which are like smaller agitators that create currents to churn the clothing around in the tub.

If you’re firmly on #teamtoploader, we’ve rounded up the best top-load washing machines on the market, atdifferent price points, so you can make an informed decision.

Samsung WA50M7450AW ($660+)

best top load washer wa52m7750aw  samsung 27 52 cu ft activewash steam white 1

This Samsung washing machine offers great value. The 5.0-cubic-foot washer is large enough that you can wash your entire family’s laundry in one go, even doing large loads of towels or sheets with no problem. There are also 11 wash cycles to choose from, including bedding, deep wash, and active wear. You can also customize the temperature, soil level, and spin speed for the cycle.

While this model doesn’t include the additional cycles and options, such as sanitizing or allergy, it includes all the essential functions that most households will need. But because of this washer’s generous size, users who are on the shorter side may have trouble fishing out clothing from the bottom of the tub. If you find it challenging to reach articles of clothing in the washer, try using a stool or some tongs.

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LG Electronics WT7200CW ($769+)

best top load washer white lg electronics smart washers dryers wt7200cw 40 1000

This energy-efficient model is certified by Energy Star to meet or exceed federal guidelines of energy efficiency, thus conserving electricity while saving you money. It utilizes six different wash motions to get your clothing clean while ensuring no amount of water gets wasted. The SenseClean system detects how much laundry is in your load and automatically sets the right water level and wash time. This model is also packed with tons of other unique features that make the washer easy to use.

The anti-vibration system reduces noise, so you don’t have to listen to constant clanging while the washer is on. The washer features a StainCare option that is specifically designed to tackle different types of stains. Let’s face it, some ketchup stains just won’t come off until you bring out the big guns. The NeveRust wash tub is comprised of stainless steel, and there are no sharp corners that can cause your clothing to snag. For peace of mind, the drum comes with lifetime warranty. With this model’s smart technology, you can use your smartphone to monitor or stop a laundry load anytime, from anywhere.

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Whirlpool WTW5000DW ($689+)

best top load washer white whirlpool washers wtw5000dw 4f 1000

One of the most energy-efficient top-load washers on the market right now is this one from Whirlpool. This model utilizes a low-profile impeller that is gentle on clothing while using no more than the right water amount for each load of laundry. A built-in sensor automatically detects the size of the load and fills the tub with water accordingly. The impeller works to steer clothing toward the center of the tub, as this is where clothing is cleaned most effectively.

By maximizing efficiency, the impeller also allows the machine to use less water and doesn’t cause the wear-and-tear to your clothing that some agitators can produce. There are 12 cleaning cycles to choose from, so you have a wide range of options when it comes to customizing this machine for each load of laundry. If you’re looking for a machine that won’t produce a sky-high water bill and conserves water, look no further than this model.

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Maytag MVWB955FC ($1259+)

best top load washer download

If you have a large family or frequently host large groups of house guests, or if you only want to do laundry once every few weeks, you’ll want a large washing machine that can handle all the laundry people will inevitably have to do. This 6.2-cubic-foot model can handle massive loads, and you can choose from up to 10 different cycles depending on your laundry needs.

Got super tough stains to get out? The PowerWash cycle makes this machine perfect for getting red wine stains off the tablecloth or mud markings off the door mat. The large size of the washer does come at a price though, so buyers should be prepared to pay a four-digit figure. Before taking the plunge and purchasing this Maytag model, be sure to measure your laundry room to ensure you have the space for it. It is mammoth-sized, after all.

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GE Smart Top Load Washer with Wi-Fi ($798)

best top load washer diamond gray ge smart washers dryers gtw750cpldg a0 1000

If you’re looking for a smart washing machine that responds to voice commands and that you can control wirelessly from a smartphone, this GE model is one to consider. You probably know what it feels like to forget to transfer a fresh load of laundry from the washer to the dryer, but that won’t happen with this model; you’ll get reminders and alerts letting you know when the load is done or when you haven’t removed the washed clothing from the machine.

The machine features a convenient water station, which gives you the option to pre-wash especially dirty clothing in a faucet with water and detergent. You’ll never forget to put the laundry detergent in, as this model automatically dispenses it for you. It also offers a speed wash setting, which will get your lightly soiled clothing items completely clean if you need them in a rush. Plus, the washer is EnergyStar-certified, making it a green and energy-efficient addition to your home.

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