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The best iPhone X battery cases to keep your $1,000 device protected

By Mark Jansen

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The iPhone X has an incredible OLED display, gorgeous edge-to-edge design, and the exceptionally useful Face ID. But the battery life may not be up to scratch if you’re a heavy user. What if you’re away from the charger for a while? With so many amazing features, you want to use your iPhone X without worrying about battery life. There’s an easy way to make sure you never come up short — just invest in a battery case for when you need power the most.

We’ve scoured the internet for the best iPhone X battery cases, and narrowed down the list to the ones you can find below. So whether you want the slimmest case available, or just needs tons of power, we have you covered. Never worry about power again!

ZeroLemon Extended Battery Case — 4,000mAh ($30)

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Battery cases are bound to add some bulk to your slim phonebecause adding extra battery also means extra mass. This battery case from ZeroLemon adds an extra 12 hours of talk time to your iPhone X, and thanks to the slim profile, doesn’t add too much bulk. It’s easy to attach, with a slide-and-lock design, and a series of four LEDs that let you know the case’s charge level. Charging the case and syncing your phone to your PC is possible with a USB-C cable, so you won’t need to remove the case to charge it. ZeroLemon has also upgraded the original battery caseand added a screen protector. The downsides? The additional chin at the bottom of the case ruins your phone’s edgeless display, it blocks wireless charging, and there’s no audio via wired headphones — Bluetooth only. Still, for $40, this provides a lot of extra juice.

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Alpatronix BXX Qi-Enabled Battery Case — 4,200mAh ($60)

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Another great choice for an all-around battery case, this wireless charging-enabled Alpatronix case adds a great amount of extra capacity in a subtle shell. Specially programmed to charge the phone first and the case second, it’s perfect for anyone who can’t bear to give up their new wireless charger for extra battery capacity. The 4,200mAh-rated battery should provide at least 12 extra hours of talk time, and the design will provide some protection against drops and bumps. The downsides? The case charges by Micro USB connection, and while you can still connect to your PC with that, that means no Lightning headphones. It’s also fairly bulky, adding a sizeable chin to the bottom of the device. Still, this is a solid battery case — oh, and it comes with a free iPhone X tempered glass screen protector too.

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Feekea Wireless Charging Bank Case — 5,000mAh ($36)

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An increase in bulk and weight is one of the major downsides to using a battery case. Batteries are heavy, and it can feel like such a shame to shackle a device as light and thin as the iPhone X with such added heft. Convenient power banks exist for that reason, but attaching one can make your phone harder to use. Thankfully, Feekea has come up with a battery case with the added convenience of a power bank. This case comes in two parts: A thin, protective case, and a power bank that attaches magnetically to the case — and charges your phone wirelessly. An extra 5,000mAh capacity is a lot, and it should add up to 27 hours of extra call time. The power bank itself charges by Lightning cable — so you only need to carry the one charging cable for your phone and case. The case comes with a raised bezel to protect your phone, as well as a kickstand. This is a great case if you like battery cases, but don’t like the added weight and heft.

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Tech Care Extended Battery Case — 6,000mAh ($34)

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The iPhone X is a remarkable phone, but it’s probably best known for the bezel-free, chin-less design that sets it apart from its peers. When looking at battery cases, you might notice that a lot of them add an unattractive extra chin to the bottom of the device. That’s to house the connection to the Lightning port most of the time, but it’s still not something you want when you buy a phone like the iPhone X. The Tech Care battery case avoids that chin, and adds an amazing 6,000mAh of extra battery in the process — enough for an additional 28 hours of talk time. It’ll charge with your existing Lightning cable, but unfortunately will only support Bluetooth headphones. Despite that, it still adds 200 percent extra battery and displays your remaining charge on the rear side of the case with a set of LEDs that form a little smile. Aww.

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Smiphee Rugged Protective Battery Case — 4,000mAh ($40)

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Batteries can be fragile and volatile things, so we’d usually never recommend relying on a case’s protective qualities where a battery is concerned. However, this rugged battery case from Smiphee certainly seems to break that mold. It utilizes a more rugged design than most battery cases, with plenty of edges to enhance grip and elevate your phone away from grit and dirt on surfaces. There’s also a series of rugged airbags on each corner to help withstand impacts. Most importantly, it comes with 4,000mAh of extra power — enough for an additional 21 hours of talk time. It charges via Lightning cable, just like your phone, and it doesn’t restrict you to just using Bluetooth headphones, so feel free to plug in your Lightning headphones at any time.

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Vapesoon Waterproof Battery Case — 3,400mAh ($63)

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Waterproofing isn’t something you’d normally expect from a battery case, but here we are looking at Vapesoon’s waterproof battery case. We’ll clear something out the way first, though — it’s IP67-rated, so it has the same level of water-resistance you already get in the iPhone X. You can’t take it snorkeling, but it should be fine if it gets dropped in the bath or in a puddle — just make sure to fish it out and dry it off properly afterwards. The case adds a decent 3,400mAh capacity to your iPhone X — about 20 hours talk time — and though it isn’t the slimmest case on this list, it adds some decent drop protection too. You can charge wirelessly through it, and it’ll let you charge and sync through the case as well.

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Encased AudioMod Battery Case — 4,600mAh ($70)

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This is the most expensive case on the list — but there’s a good reason for that. Encased‘s AudioMod comes with a 4,600mAh battery, which Encased claims adds 36 hours of talk time and charges with an included MicroUSB cable. The big draw here though is the restoration of an old classic, which some probably still miss — the 3.5mm headphone jack. Even better, the AudioMod even comes with a built-in DAC to boost your headphone’s prowess. The case itself is slim and lightweight — though it does add the dreaded battery case chin — and it comes with a series of LEDs on the back to make sure you know when it’s time to recharge. If you miss the humble headphone jack and need that extra boost of power, the AudioMod is an expensive piece of kit, but one that might be worth it.

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