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The best convection ovens of 2018

By Tyler Lacoma

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The powerful convection oven has become a popular addition to the modern kitchen.These ovens (or oven modes) cycle heated air around foodto cook it more quickly and add extra crispiness to certain dishes. There’s a variety of counter and built-in convection models around. Here’s a list of the best countertop and wall convection ovens on the market. You’ll find a variety of styles and prices on this list.

Countertop models

Breville BOV845BSS ($216)

Breville BOV845BSS

We’re big fans of Breville’s embrace of technology, which leads to some very unique, powerful designs and control systems. This oven, for example, has a large LED screen and a collection of dial-based controls instead of buttons. This allows Breville to offer speedy temperature and time settings, as well as a number of presets for general heating levels, including toast, roast, broiling, pizza, cookies, reheating, and so on.

The 0.8 cubic foot interior isn’t incredibly large, but it’s big enough for most projects, including a 13-inch pizza. Plus, at 1800 watts, you get a lot of power as well as convection settings and a bright internal light that you can use to check on your food if you’re unsure about convection times. We do wish there were a couple more smart features, but this would raise the price even more.

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Cuisinart TOB-26ON1 ($206)

Cuisinart TOB-26ON1

This powerful Cuisinart model sets out to make really good toastand then does everything else really well, too. There are separate settings for the number of toast slices and how brown you want your toast to be, and similar functions for pizzas and other foods. Presets include bagel, waffle, baking, broil, roasting, sandwich, and other unique options.

The dual cooking system allows you to run two different cooking functions at different temperatures in case you don’t want the top of your dish to brown too fast. There’s also speed convection without preheating for quick projects. At 0.95 cubic feet, this is also one of the most spacious models on our list. Be careful, however: The MSRP for this model is actually $450, so it’s important to find deals like the one Amazon offers.

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KitchenAid KCO273SS ($180)

KitchenAid KCO273SS

This KitchenAid model is a more straightforward convection oven. It’s a bit smaller than our other top choices big enough to fit a 12-inch pizza in and not much more but it comes with that trademark KitchenAid durability, and it’s very easy to use. The nine presets include pizza, toast, cookies, bagels, and Asado Roast for tackling a variety of different foods.

That stainless steel interior may look hard to clean, but it’s coated with a slick surface that makes it easier to wipe stray food bits off. If you don’t care much for fancy LED screens and just want dependable operation, this KitchenAid model is ready to be your friend.

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Black + Decker TO3280SSD ($100)

Black + Decker TO3280SSD

You may be thinking, “Wow, these ovens are all too pricey for what I’m looking for,” in which case we introduce this B+D model for your consideration. It includes a 120-minute timer, enough room for a 12-inch pizza, and presets for baking, broiling, toast, pizza, frozen foods, and more. The controls are all simple, durable buttons that are easy to learn if you’ve never used a convection oven before.

It’s only 1500 watts, but the convection function helps make up for less power range. The noted price is for the three-rack model. If you prefer two racks (the standard for most countertop convection ovens), then you can drop the price even further.

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NuWave 20632 Pro Plus ($120)

NuWave 20632 Pro Plus
While the design may seem a little odd, this style of convection oven is becoming increasingly popular for its excellent visibility and counter-friendly shape. It’s also larger than it looks and is able to hold a 16-pound turkey or a 14-pound ham, plus veggies or potatoes. The oven is particularly energy-efficient too, and can help you save a lot of electricity if you can regularly skip the oven in favor of this affordable cooker.

Cooking options, however, are pretty limited: You get a warm, reheat, and delay timer, but that’s about it. If you have a little more money to spend, we suggest taking a look at some larger, more elaborate versions of these clear cookers.

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Wall oven models

Frigidaire Gallery Collection 30-Inch Double Electric Oven ($1,800)

Frigidaire Gallery Collection 30 Double ELectric Wall Oven

Need a convection wall oven instead? Frigidaire is known for its durable, kitchen-friendly ovens. This dual wall ovenoffers a ton of cooking space (around 9.2 cubic feet). Both oven compartments have bake, broil, warm and convection options, which come with delayed start and quick preheating to manage tricky meal times.

Smart features like power broil and an included temperature probe also make cooking meats particularly easy. Keep in mind that while this 30-inch oven will fit in most traditional wall oven locations, it may need more vertical room than your old model.

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GE PK7000SFSS ($2,400)

This 4.3-cubic foot electric range model comes with a powerful European-style convection mode and basically every oven feature under the sun. There’s a 10-pass baking element, which is a heating element system designed to heat from 10 points at once for maximum coverage, and an eight-pass broiling mode that does much the same from the top. Other modes include warming, convection roasting, and convection baking.

The onboard Wi-Fi features allow you to control and monitor the oven from your app, (via a hand remote button on the oven), or you can give the oven voice commands if your hands are deep in bread dough. Cleaning options includes a steam cleaning mode to avoid harsh chemicals too. Of course, all these features require some serious oven investment money.

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Whirlpool WOS92EC0AS ($1,850)

Whirlpool WOS92EC0AS

An excellent single-oven model, the 5.0-cubic foot WhirlpoolWOS92EC0AS offers high-end features like rapid preheating and, for the convection newcomers, a conversion feature that will automatically convert traditional recipes to convection temperatures and times (it still pays to be careful, however).

Three racks of room isplenty for more kitchen activities, but there are very few modes and auto-cooking times beyond the conversion feature, so you have to do a little hands-on programming for this model. We especially like the steam cleaning option, which helps get crusty bits off the oven without using chemicals.

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