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Lordstown Energy Center shows off massive new facility

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It's a massive, 16-acre facility; officially a week old in terms of supplying power.

"It's like buying a brand new car," said Drew Schneider. "There's a whole lot of bells and whistles to it."

Schneider is the plant manager for the Lordstown Energy Center, a state-of-the-art natural gas-fueled facility with the ability to crank out enough power to supply around 850,000 households. He says the efficiency and output of the gas turbines are what makes this place unique.

"They're basically jet engines. It goes onto a turbine wheel. It spins around at 3600 RPM. It's attached to a generator," said Schneider. "We take the heat off the gas turbines. We boil water, make steam. We send that to the steam turbine, and that has a generator attached to it also."

Everything is controlled and monitored from a room filled with computer monitors and digital displays where two of the 21 employees at the plant keep an eye on every system.

"The control room operator can monitor all the pieces of equipment, vibrations, temperatures, pressures, levels, all that type of stuff," said Schneider.

Back outside, you can start to see how it flows through the facility, creating up to 940 megawatts of power.

"The gas turbine is in this square building here. This is the inlet filter house where we actually filter the air before it goes through the gas turbine," said Schneider.

Just in terms of sheer footprint, this place is already a big part of the Valley, but they want to make a big impact too, both with local communities and the local school districts.

Schneider moved here from the New England area to run the plant. In terms of cost for homeowners, he said electricity is much cheaper here.

"I got my electric bill yesterday, my first one. The electricity rate is about half what it was in Connecticut," said Schneider.

Now, there's one extra power plant supplying that electricity here in the Valley.

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