YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio- Visitors to the Youngstown State University Festival of the Arts got a fashionable physics lesson at one booth.

ARTECO, a booth run by Stewart and Sue Webb, combined recycled materials to create environmentally-friendly jewelry.

"Eclectic fusion of art and technology. My background in physics and my wife's being in art, we fused this together," Stewart Webb said.

Sue Webb said the business was inspired by amateur radio shows they attended years ago.

"When I would see all the parts, I would see the potential of them being something artistic," she said.

The idea took shape when Stewart created a machine that could mold the materials into something new.

"This necklace is a piece of a disk. It was heated up to about 2,000 degrees and by bringing the nickel back on a molecular scale, putting it on the surface, I'm able to affect color," he said.

He said he enjoys watching customers as they learn about the process by which the jewelry is created.

"The uniqueness is watching the customer's reaction. Some will look and say I saw this years ago in a piece of electronics, or in a radio. Other people will look at what it is and it's nice to explain it to them," Webb said.

ARTECO jewelry is displayed at the Butler Art Museum, fine arts shows and is worn by the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders in their calendar.