After 49 cards were turned over there is finally a winner in the Garrettsville Queen of Hearts.

Card number 5 was turned over at SkyLane Bowling Sunday evening, showing the Queen of Hearts.

Terri Vechery of Mantua, Ohio won the  $3.4 million dollar jackpot.

Although the winner was not present for the drawing, game officials called her at home to give her the good news.

Because of the large crowds that have been gathering at SkyLane in recent weeks, the rules were changed so the winners of the Queen of Hearts and the 50/50 did not need to be present to take home 90% of the jackpots.

The winner of the 50/50 prize is believed to be a man from Warren.

He will walk away with a prize of $150,000.

The remaining $150,000 from the 50/50 jackpot will benefit the Portage County libraries and the Garrettsville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Aaron King, the owner of Skylane says just this week, they sold $1 million worth of tickets.

King says what's been most rewarding is the charitable donations that they've raised from ticket sales, "Overall just short of a half a million dollars for Garrettsville and surrounding communities.  We're really proud of it."

The owner of the Skylane Bowling center says he feels fortunate, and never thought the drawing would become so popular.

King tells 21 News he wants to give his workers a three to four week break and then start the Queen of Hearts drawing again, "We'll start it up again.  $340,000 rolls over and being the winter months I don't know how that's going to work.  We're going to get some heaters out here and everyone said they'll bring their snow mobile suits.  And we're playing for lots of money and we'll keep raising lots of money for charity too."