Youngstown police are calling a shooting that left a man, woman, and three-month-old child dead an "ambush".

Speaking during a news conference Thursday, Police Chief Robin Lees said that detectives are making progress in the case, but are still looking for witnesses and community members to come forward with any information. 

Police say they believe 21-year-old Edward Morris, Jr. was the target of a shooting that left a Saturn automobile riddled with bullets on a devil strip at Pasadena Avenue and Gibson Street at around 7 pm Wednesday.

Nineteen-year-old Valarcia Blair, and three-month-old Tariq Morris were also in the car.

The infant was in a child car seat.  Both the woman and the baby had been shot.

The woman and baby were taken to Saint Elizabeth Hospital where they died.

During the news conference, Chief Lees said that two young officers drove the child to the hospital in their cruiser because of how dire its injuries were. 

Chief Lees said they believe the shooting was "clearly an ambush" targeting Morris. In addition, Lees noted that the suspect used two different guns- an assault rifle and a 9mm handgun. 

Lees also said that Morris was "apparently wary" as he had a gun in the car. Lees said he was able to return at least two shots. 

Investigators say a warrant has been issued for a person of interest in a triple murder that left an infant dead. 

Police say a warrant was issued for a parole violation for a man from Columbus that has ties to the Youngstown area. 

Officials are not releasing the name of the man, but say he is a person of interest in the case. 

Lees would not elaborate on how the person of interest is connected to the case. 

Officials did note during the news conference Thursday that no drugs were found in the victims' car. 

Meanwhile, officers were back on the scene of the homicide late Thursday morning and arrested one man on unrelated charges. 

Police say the man arrested Thursday could potentially face charges relating to drug or weapons but is not facing charges related to the murder. 

Officers on the scene could be seen searching through the man's trunk. 

Officials say the man told them he lives at the home and was taking stuff out because he heard someone was going to burn down the home. 

During the news conference, city officials noted that Morris, Blair, and the young child make seven homicide victims in the past two weeks. 

Chief Lees said at this point there is no reason to believe that the latest murders are connected in any way to the others. 

Lees said with Wednesday's case being the exception so far, all of the other recent murders in the city have one common thread- drugs. 

Officials are asking anyone that might have any information, or even have been in the vicinity of the shootout, to call Youngstown police or Crimestoppers at 330-746-CLUE.