Union leadership is hopeful that there is still a chance for GM Lordstown to land a future product.

The UAW Local 1112 president said that the "Drive It Home" campaign is the right step forward.

In the past, a similar campaign saved the plant from closing.

It was just a week ago when union leaders, workers, and elected officials announced the launch of the "Drive It Home" campaign to tell Detroit that Lordstown workers can build anything that comes their way.

But then Monday, an announcement that sent shock waves.

"GM told us that they were going to stop building the Chevy Cruze here in Lordstown and in Mexico as of March 1," said Dave Green, UAW Local 1112 President.

However, union leadership is still hopeful about the chance of landing a future product.

"Non allocated status.  I got to be honest, this is the first time I've heard of such a situation. But that also gives me hope. If we were in closed status then this would be a different conversation. So I think there's hope for Lordstown. I want to make sure if they got a product out there, they want to go zero emissions, we can do that. Whatever they need we can do that. We've got the best people and the best location in the world right here to build products," he said.
The grassroots "Drive It Home Campaign" is still continuing.

"The hope is that we can rally some support throughout the community and state to show GM how important these jobs are to our economy and to the people," Green said.

A campaign that's similar to the "Bring it Home" campaign' that helped secure the Cobalt and saved the plant from closing 20 years ago. But this time around, there was a lack of specifics at the launch, no GM management there, and the situation more dire. 

Also customers want larger vehicles and the Lordstown plant is only equipped to build small cars, making it a tougher sell.

"I believe they are listening to local responses and I do believe "Drive It Home" will help get that message across," Green said.

Green believes that when it comes down to the numbers the support matters, especially if the state is able to bring dollars to the table to help with investment.

"My hope is that we can "Drive it Home" and get some product allocated between March and our next contract which will be September of next year."