A Hubbard family has lost their home to fire.

But fortunately, a man just passing by saved their lives after spotting flames in front of their home and banging on the walls of their home until he woke them up and helped get them out safely.

Now the State Fire Marshal of Ohio has been called in to help investigate the cause and determine the exact origin of the fire.

Fire Chief Ron Stanish, with the Hubbard Joint Fire District, tells 21 News he does not know at this point if there were working smoke detectors in the home located in the 600 block of Moore Street.

It was just after 12:30 am when 37-year-old Jason Deshetler was taking his 14-year-old daughter Abby's friend home on a different route than usual.  That's when he spotted flames in front of the Moore Street home. 

He told 21 News that he jumped out of the car and desperately tried to wake the family inside because the fire was spreading so quickly.

His daughter, Abby, shot cell phone video of the home engulfed in flames after calling 911 for help.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, the owners of the home, Bill and Pam Houdy and their son Mike, as well as two dogs, were safely out of the house thanks to Deshetler and his daughter.

The second alarm fire took mutual aid from several fire departments including  Liberty, Brookfield, and the Air Base to get it under control.

Hours later, the Houdys returned to recover some items, but politely declined an interview with 21 News.

The next door neighbors, Ann and Raymond Horvatovich, said the flames were so intense it melted the siding on their home, but they're just thankful everyone got out of their homes safely.

Ann Horvatovich said, "All of a sudden, I heard like a boom, and I believe it was the car that was in the driveway, I actually think it exploded from being on fire.  I said we better get out of here because of the flames.  I was afraid my house might get caught on fire.  So in the meantime, the police came and knocked on the door.  They helped me get out.  I'm on oxygen.  So he got my oxygen machine, and we both have COPD.  So I was worried about all the smoke."

But now they've returned to their home and are concerned about their neighbors who have lost theirs and wonder where they will go from here.