A fellow Republican from the Valley is agreeing with President Trump's call for GM to find a way to put the Lordstown assembly back in business.

Rep. Bill Johson, whose district runs from the Salem area and south along the Ohio River, re-tweeted an earlier Tweet from the President saying GM must get the plant open "fast!" 

GM just ended production of the Chevy Cruze in Lordstown without replacing the small car with a new product.

The President sent a Tweet late Saturday afternoon saying GM must get the Lordstown plant open “fast!”

Saying that the economy is good, the chief executive suggested that the automaker resume production “in a different form or with a new owner.”

Pointing out that Toyota is investing $13 billion in the United States, the President urged GM to act quickly, adding “Time is of the essence!”

Rep. Johnson Tweeted that it would be a "big mistake letting that highly skilled automaking workforce get away."  The Congressman also called on other automakers to move into the plant if GM doesn't bring a new product there.

Both GM and the UAW have said that the future of Lordstown is expected to be an issue during contract negotiations this summer.

While some autoworkers have opted to remain in the Valley awaiting the outcome of negotiations, others have been transferred to other GM plants, sometimes leaving family and friends behind.