If you don't have a passport, a real ID will be required for domestic travel within the United States on September 1, 2020.

Charlie Norman, a registrar at the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, said, "You could get up to the airport, and get all the way up to wait in line, get to TSA security, and they can turn you around and send you home. The law was passed by Congress after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to set national minimum standards when state credentials or drivers licenses are issued."

Sally Hofmeister, who enjoys traveling, said, "I am going to start the process to get my Real ID early. I'm not waiting until the last minute. Because you can't fly within the U.S. without the Real ID after September 2020. I believe there will be a lot of people waiting until the last months to start the process. I heard it takes two weeks just to get your new Real ID once you bring in all the required paperwork. The requirement of documents being certified or original will add even more time if someone does not have their records. I think when you're used to just going in and getting your picture taken and paying your money, then leaving, the new way is a long process. I do understand this is being done for safety reasons."

You will also need a real ID to enter the premises of a military facility, base, government building, or nuclear power plant after September 1st, 2020.

Norman added, "You're required to prove five elements; your full legal name, your date of birth, your Social Security number, proof of Ohio residency, and proof of legal presence. Things like your certified birth certificate, Social Security card provided by that agency, bank statement, passport, water utility bills and things like that are forms the Ohio BMV accepts. Two proofs of address are required under the federal requirements. If your current full name is not the same as your birth name, you need to prove that name change with either a divorce decree, or decrees, or a marriage certificate. This is a federal rule."

Norman emphasized, "People can use an interactive checklist that will help them figure out what documents they need to bring with them, and what documents they need to obtain in order to get a compliant ID. People should not wait until the last minute."

That checklist can be found online.

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle Centers also has a paper copy of a checklist of items that qualify as proof for the Compliant ID, also known as the Real ID.