A Boardman man was arrested outside of The Federal Sunday after allegedly threatening a man.

According to the police report, 44-year-old Fred D'Amico attempted to enter The Federal with another man.

Reports say the male victim told D'Amico that he wasn't allowed in the restaurant, causing D'Amico to become agitated.

The victim told an off duty officer that D'Amico continually harasses him.

Police say that D'Amico was told to stay away from the man and to not have any contact with him or he would be arrested.

According to the report, D'Amico stayed outside and continued yelling while the victim went inside.

Police say the victim said that D'Amico threatened to "f*** him up the next time he sees him."

Reports say the victim walked out of The Federal around 2 a.m. and D'Amico approached him and attempted to poke him.

An officer arrested D'Amico at the scene. He has been charged with menacing.