Construction in Trumbull County to rebuild a bridge ripped away during devastating flooding last month, that left dozens of people isolated from their homes, could begin as early as next week.

But some of the nearly $2 million needed to make the repairs are still in limbo. 

It's been almost a month since rushing water ripped away a bridge in the area of Lakeview Drive and Golf Drive, leaving dozens of people isolated from their homes.

Thursday, in front of a packed room, Trumbull County Engineer Randy Smith provided residents with an update on efforts to repair the road and help restore life to normal for those who live there.

"Work has already started on the design of the culverts," said Smith.

Smith explained engineering and design work is well underway. He said construction could begin as soon as next week but, funding for the entire project is still in question.

Smith said the repairs are expected to cost just under $2 million. He said the Ohio Department of Transportation had secured about half a million of that, the Ohio Public Works Commission is also expected to pitch in, but the money still falls short.

State lawmakers, who were in attendance at the meeting, said that some of that remaining portion of the funding would become free once the governor signs an emergency deceleration and they expect that to happen early next week.

"We have stressed to them in Columbus that we need to get this done," said State Senator Sean O'Brien. "We need it now."

Once construction begins, Smith estimates it will take 60 days until residents can once again access their homes and another 30 days for the project to be finalized. Meaning, if all goes as planned families will be back to life as usual by November.

An aggressive timeline, but one that can't come soon enough for those trying to navigate life after the storm.