Where does Grammy Award-winning singer Taylor Swift go when she needs a pink sparkle drum set for her performance at the Video Music Awards?

You might be surprised to learn that the music superstar is getting the flashy drum kit from the Hubbard Music store on Main Street.

"The artist rep from Ludwig Drums received a phone call from MTV saying Taylor Swift wants a pink sparkle drum set and we need it, I think it was like within 24, 48 hours," said Hubbard Music owner Mark Tirabassi. "The artist rep said we can't make a kit that quick, but I think I know a guy that has one. Ludwig drums called me, and I called the production team that was handling all the stuff for Taylor, so it's not like Taylor called me personally, though that would be cool."

Tirabassi says they immediately boxed up the drum set and rushed it out so she could have it for her upcoming appearance on the VMAs. 

"We do this for a lot of other bands too. Today I was talking to Eric Singer from KISS, and we're shipping a bunch of drum heads out to KISS," said Tirabassi. 

He also says this particular drum set would be tough to get. 

"It had to be of a certain caliber. It was a very high-end kit. I always love to use car analogies for musical instruments, and this would have been like a Lamborghini."

Swift is one of the scheduled performers on the VMA show on MTV, at 8 p.m. Monday, August 26, 2019, and Tirabassi would love to see it on a national stage. 

"I bought it because I personally thought it was cool and it was unique, but I will like to see it on TV, that's for sure," he said.