There's an area between Warren and Warren Township where sidewalks end, and for some, it's becoming a real safety concern. 

Warren city officials call that area a food desert. People who live near there can't get to the Dollar General store on Tod Avenue without walking in the street, or in some cases, having to take their motorized wheelchairs into the street.

"I've been trying to bring it to people's attention for my three and a half years in office. There have been documented pedestrian fatalities there, unfortunately," said Warren Township Trustee, Edward Anthony.

Warren Councilwoman Cheryl Saffold called for a meeting with county commissioners and engineers on Thursday after she witnessed a woman who uses a wheelchair dodging cars to get some groceries.

"There's even semi-trucks that don't see you. They are coming right at you, so you're looking to go into a ditch. You're looking for a way out. One car was pretty close to me. It was probably a foot away from my chair. He was texting," said Nyla Parker.

It was decided the county would try to get some grants to pay to have sidewalks put into that area. Commissioner Dan Polivka said they are working with the county engineer department to apply for some 80-20 funding. 

Warren Township says they would also kick in 20% to make it happen.  If all goes as planned, everything would be done by this time next year. 
"We are just hoping and praying we will be able to get these sidewalks as soon as possible, so they no longer have to navigate their way in a wheelchair to go to a store," said Saffold.