Salem City Council discussed input from residents tonight about using a single company to take care of the city's trash.

The meeting comes after city officials sent out over 5,000 surveys to see what residents thought about the issue.

The president of Salem City Council says the city has five different haulers right now, and moving to a single company would allow them to enforce specific rules and reduce wear and tear on the roads.

"One trash hauler, we can enforce the trash ordinances as far as having the trash buggy back to your property behind your garage within 24 hours. Whereas right now, we have five different haulers servicing the city and we can't enforce that because every day there is a different hauler," said Tom Baker, President of Salem City Council. "And with that too, we have double and triple axel haulers coming into town that are not necessarily tearing up the streets, but they're not helping the longevity of the streets." 

Earlier this summer, city officials sent out nearly 5,400 surveys regarding the issue to let the public have a voice on the subject.

On Tuesday night, Baker says they got 1,473 surveys back, and the majority of those who participated were for using a single company. They'll likely have another meeting to revisit the findings.